Looking for the best Health Insurance company?

    December 29, 2017

    There are many good health insurance firms in this country. But which is the best Health Insurance you can find?

    You must decide what you rate as “best”.

    • The one that you can afford and caters for your budget and health needs?
    • An award-winning health firm?
    • A company committed to putting you first?
    • Health cover below R500?

    The best Health insurance Within your Budget

    Best Health insuranceHealth insurance offers you protection when your health starts playing up. A stroke may need years of long-term treatment. Without insurance, you may never be able to afford the care you need.

    Remember, insurance companies sell these plans. And, unlike medical aid plans, they are ‘for-profit’ firms.

    There are many policies you can find on the market. And because your health is important to you, make sure that the cover you can afford, caters for your unique health needs.

    The best Health insurance – Clientele

    Research shows that Clientele Health always lists among the best providers. They are a financial services group and a leading distributor of service products.

    Clientele – a Multi-Award winning Insurer

    Clientèle are no stranger to winning awards, because they put their clients first. The health plan you get from them is quite different to what you’d get from a medical aid plan.

    The cover Clientele provides however, isn’t a substitute for a medical scheme membership either. Clientele are a trusted firm and have provided service products for more than 20 years.

    What you Get with The best Health insurance –

    • Cash lump sum pay-outs which you can use for anything
    • Two Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P.) The Standard and the Premium Plan
    • The Standard Plan costs R265 a month
    • The Premium Plan is R335 a month – the plans pay out when you are in hospital
    • You get a lump sum pay out for a 72 hours, or longer, time spent in hospital
    • The plans have daily cash benefits
    • Accidental death, disability cover as well as dread disease included
    • Maternity benefits come with these plans

    The best Health insurance Cancer plan

    In 2014 Clientele launched their Cancer Plans. They realised that many medical aid plans don’t cover cancer in full, and that additional treatments aren’t catered for.

    The Cancer Plans are designed to ease the financial pressure and pay out in the region of R300,000 with a cancer diagnosis.

    2018 – Get your Health Sorted

    Good health comes from making the right choices. In 2018 members won’t be signing up with a new medical scheme, but with health insurance from Clientele. Their policies pay cash benefits when you’re in a hospital.

    You’ll find cover that suits your budget and every need. Choose either the Hospital Cash Back plan, the Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan (which pays more) or the Accident Plan. All are ready to make a difference in your life in 2018.

    Simply fill in Clientele’s online form and put your mind at rest.

    All info was correct at time of publishing