Clientele Insurance Overview

    November 2, 2017

    What insurances does Clientele offer?

    • Funeral cover
    • Hospital plans
    • Legal plans
    • Life plans
    • You can take out almost any kind of short-term insurance with them.


    Clientele offers a range of insurance products. In this post, we will look at what these are.

    Clientele Funeral Cover

    This cover starts at R110 per month and provides family cover of more than R110 000. You are able to cover as many as 13 people on a single plan and claims are paid out within 24 hours of them being submitted.

    There is an airtime benefit, a grocery benefit, and an unveiling benefit, in addition to the 24-hour Clientele Lifehelpline that helps you with dealing with the funeral arrangements.

    Clientele Hospital Plans

    Cover costs from R200 per month. The maximum payout is R1 000 000 on the premier plan.

    All levels of cover pay out a daily cash sum in the event that you need to be hospitalized. This ranges from R1000 per day to R3000 per day.

    Some of the plans also pay a lump sum out if you are admitted to a hospital for longer than 72 hours.

    Each plan comes with an airtime benefit and most of the plans also pay out if you die accidentally, are permanently disabled, or if you have a dread disease.

    You can cover as many as four children at no extra charge, in addition to the 24-hour emergency helpline that assists with emergencies or general health queries. Ambulance services, trauma counselling, and HIV support are included.

    Clientele Legal Cover

    What happens if you find yourself in need of a lawyer someday? Would you be able to afford one? The legal cover offered by Clientele starts at R150 a month for up to R150 000 legal services a year. There is a total lifetime limit of R1.5 million.

    Most of the plans will cover you and your spouse and minor children as long as they are still studying.

    All legal plans include a Bail benefit. If you are arrested (for a minor crime) and need bail, we will go to the police station and pay the bail of up to R3,000 for you.

    Clientele Life Plans

    Life insurance is extremely important, especially if you are one of the breadwinners in your family. The funeral is only the start of the expenses when someone dies. If you have debt that needs to be paid off or are still paying off your home, your family could lose everything if something happens to you.

    Life insurance plans start at R180 per month and the payout is between R20 000 and R200 000. The family is paid within 24 hours of making the claim.

    This product carries a premium cash back benefit – you will receive cash back whenever you have paid 60 premiums.

    The application is simple and there is no need to go for a medical examination. The cover for accidental death is immediate.

    When you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, you will receive a 75% cash advance.

    All info was correct at time of publishing