Bestmed medical Aid – When you’re Looking for the Best.

    February 7, 2017

    Bestmed Medical Aid plan prides itself on fast and full claim payment within two weeks.

    Bestmed takes care of all your health needs. They have some options for you when choosing a scheme for your lifestyle.

    Bestmed medical Aid plan and Hospital health Plan

    Bestmed medical Aid plan

    The three main medical aid plans offered by Bestmed – Beat, Pulse and Pace. Beat offers

    The Beat plan has hospital cover aimed at couples or individuals with available savings.

    The Pulse plan features a cover that is network dedicated and adaptable to one’s income.

    The Pace plan includes a comprehensive medical aid cover package with a wide range of benefits.

    All these plans include major medical cover, world wide travel protection, an oncology plan, PMB and CDL insurance.

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