Oxygen Hospital Plan

    October 3, 2014

    Medshield medical scheme took over Oxygen in a merger in October, 2010, making the new merged scheme the fourth largest medical scheme in South Africa. Medshield still offers the Oxygen hospital plan though.

    Medshield has more than 250 000 beneficiaries. From Medshield you can get comprehensive medical aid as well as benefits along the lines of what used to be the Oxygen hospital plan.

    Medshield a brilliant solvency ratio and, what is more, an AA global credit rating, giving peace of mind that Medshield can pay its beneficiaries claims and has a sound base for the future.

    All Oxygen hospital plan members have automatically been converted to the comparable Medshield plan.

    Oxygen Hospital PlanDue to Medshield’s considerable size and liquidity the scheme welcomes all members, young and old, married and single, large families and small.

    Cover for elderly people who need the assurance that claims for chronic conditions will be paid are also welcome to join the scheme. This type of cover includes large day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital insurance.

    Unique benefits of Medshield, previously Oxygen medical aid and Oxygen hospital plan

    One day claim turnaround and your phone calls answered after an average 14 second wait

    Every member has access to a slew of cost and disease management programmes for hospital, oncology, chronic medication, HIV/Aids, heart disease, diabetes and asthma

    Emergency services included, such as telephonic help and guidance all day, every day

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    Core Plus, previously Oxygen hospital plan

    This super plan is perfect for large families because you pay for only one child even if you have ten! This hospital plan is suitable for healthy young individuals and families who want to be sure that hospital expenses will be paid in the event of hospitalisation. The plan includes twelve maternity consultations and chronic medication.

    Core Plus hospital benefits apply to network hospitals (i.e. hospitals on Medshield list) for which they pay 200% of the Medshield rate for some procedures and 100% for others.

    For GPs and specialists there will be co-payments, meaning that the member will have to pay in a certain amount. The treatment of 26 Prescribed Minimum Benefits as per the Medical Schemes Act is also included in the Core Plus plan.

    Standard Option, previously Oxygen hospital plan

    This is a more comprehensive option and is much more expensive than the Core Plus option but, like the cheaper option you pay only for one child no matter how many you have. The Standard Option covers major hospitalisation while there is restricted access to chronic medication. A savings account covers day-to-day medical expenses.

    Once again hospital cover applies to the Medshield network hospitals and co-payments apply to GPs and specialists. Once again the treatment for 26 PMBs is included in the cover.

    So if you were interested in an Oxygen hospital plan, well, it does not exist any longer. The good news is that you can join a powerful medical aid called Medshield instead.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing