Why Purchase a Hospital Plan From Genesis

    April 28, 2017

    The medical cover doesn’t come cheap, and some of the comprehensive medical plans, filled with complexities and medical jargon seem more complex than they’re worth. Here we will look at why you should purchase a hospital plan from Genesis.

    A hospital plan seems pleasantly simple in contrast, and by opting for one from a registered medical scheme you can get the simple solution you want.

    Hospital Plans from Registered Medical Schemes the Best – Hospital Plan From Genesis

    The Medical Schemes Act regulates good medical schemes like Genesis, and these are the hospital plans you should be going for. Hospital Plan From GenesisGenesis is a registered medical scheme. It is a new generation scheme which means it differs a bit from a traditional scheme in that they are more concerned with the costs associated with in-hospital treatment and procedures.

    You can find other hospital plans under insurance products. What many people don’t realise is that a hospital plan still has to pay for those 270 Prescribed Minimum Benefits as for the treatment of 26 chronic conditions.

    There are hospital plans which claim to have no annual limit to the hospital care you receive.

    Your hospital bill can include things such as your doctor- and your anaesthetist’s bill as well as medicines, so it is a good idea to check and see what percentage of the medical aid rate the hospital plans will cover.

    You’re Don’t Have to Use Network Doctors – Hospital Plan From Genesis

    Also, check whether your hospital plan requires that you use network hospitals. Some people want only to use their ‘own’ doctors. That’s why people love Genesis Medical Scheme because members don’t have to use network doctors – they can choose their preferred hospital and doctor. It;s a big drawcard.

    Genesis Medical Scheme offers two hospital plans – Private Choice and Private. The Genesis Private Choice plan is a popular choice for, as it is the cheaper plan of the two and is for those looking for an excellent hospital plan.

    A hospital plan from Genesis is considered the best value for money among the new generation hospital only plans.

    • When you do research, you find that Genesis Private Choice is 80% more affordable than the average open scheme.
    • Their Private Choice Hospital Plan is R1 000 a month for 2017.
    • With Genesis Hospital Plan, you also get an R25 000 basic dentistry benefit.
    • You have access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre. Which means you benefit from transport and evacuation services wherever you are in South Africa.
    • For general practitioners – cost up to 100% of medical aid rate.


    Genesis has other plans too. And all of them give cover for hospitalisation. And related accounts at private South African hospitals as well as other medical aid benefits.

    Everybody know how costly it is bringing up one child. Let alone 2 or 3, and people appreciate Genesis’ competitive and affordable rates. Especially for families who benefit from the low-cost child contributions.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing