Finding very Cheap hospital Plans in South Africa.

    March 25, 2017

    You should look into super cheap Hospital Plans because being a member of a medical aid can be quite expensive.

    Hospital plans can be a more cost-effective alternative that allows you to receive help with big medical bills.

    Wading through all the small print to determine which plan is best for you is not always that easy, though.

    In this article, we’ll look at some of the low budget options available.

    What are Super cheap Hospital Plans?

    Most people confuse hospital plans and hospital cash back plans. A cash back plan pays you a set amount per day spent in a hospital, irrespective of what your fees are.

    Super Cheap Hospital PlansA hospital plan, on the other hand, is administered by a registered medical scheme.

    The hospital plan is obliged to offer prescribed minimum benefits and to pay for certain chronic conditions.

    The hospital plan pays out the amount shown on your bill. And, let’s face it, hospital bills can escalate very rapidly.

    What you Should know about Super cheap Hospital plans

    • Most hospital plans offer unlimited benefits, but they will keep an eye on high-cost claims to protect all members of the scheme.
    • A closed scheme is not open to the general public but rather to members of a certain profession or organisation
    • What the medical scheme pays out is determined by their standard rates. However, you will have to pay the excess if the specialist’s rate is higher.
    • Some schemes will insist that you use preferred providers.
    • The late joiner penalty will be imposed if you are over the age of 35 and not a member of medical aid. The penalty is based on the number of years since your 35th birthday that you have been without insurance.

    Some super Cheap hospital Plans providers

    Genesis Private Choice or Private Plans

    The rates range from R950 per month to R1420 per month depending on how much cover you choose. They will pay up to a maximum of 200% of the medical aid tariff for fees incurred when in the hospital.

    Bonitas BonCap and BonEssential

    For the Boncap plan, your premiums will depend on your income and can range from R368 to R1834 per month. For the BonEssetnial Plan, you pay a flat rate of R1316.

    Discovery Keycare Care

    Again, this depends on what you are earning. You will pay between R655 and R1281 per month. You must use hospitals that are within the network.

    Liberty Hospital Select

    You have a choice of three different hospital plans. The premiums range from R1246 to R2343 per month.

    Momentum Ingwe Option

    The premium here will also depend on what you are earning. You will pay between R349 and R1880 per month. Note that if you are on one of the budget options, you have to go to a state hospital.

    Medshield Medicare

    Premiums are around R1767 per month, and you have to use hospitals within the Medshield Network.


    You are looking at a rate of R1450 per month.

    Sizwe Gomomo Care

    You can expect to pay between R700 and R1890 per month depending on how much you earn. It does include selected day-to-day expenses.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing