There are Many ways to Find a Hospital plan that Suits you and Your family.

    March 25, 2017

    Go online and find Hospital Plans now because accidents and disease are not picky about who they affect.

    You might be perfectly healthy one day and start to develop a deadly disease. You might get knocked over by a bus when crossing the road.

    This is not meant to scare you, but to highlight the importance of having good medical cover. You just never know when you might need that assistance.

    You have a range of medical cover that you can choose from but, for this article, we will be discussing hospital plans.

    How to Find hospital Plans you Need – A brief Overview

    Find Hospital PlansA hospital plan pays your expenses when you are in a hospital. Not included are the day to day visits to your GP. Your medication is paid for provided you are an in-patient at a hospital.

    They are distinct from hospital cash back plans in that they will often settle directly with the supplier and not with you.

    You need to get authorisation before going into hospital. They will, however, issue a form of guarantee to the hospital to allow you to receive treatment when you need it.

    A Note on Hospital Cashback Plans

    These pay out a set amount per day while you are in the hospital. These plans are not meant to pay hospital expenses on your behalf.

    The Benefits of a Hospital Plan

    A hospital plan is different from a medical aid in that the cover is not as extensive. It had benefits over a medical aid in that:

    • You are allowed to utilise private hospitals
    • It is more cost-effective
    • You can go to a doctor of your choosing

    Costing of the Plans

    The price that you pay will depend on what level of cover you want and what annual limits apply. That said, you can get basic plans from a few hundred rand a month.

    What is Actually covered in your Hospital plan

    It is important to check with the company concerned what they don’t cover. For example, a lot of firms will not cover elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery.

    It is also a good idea check what limits there are on the cover and whether or not waiting periods apply before coverage commences.

    Where can You find Hospital Plans?

    You can approach the various big insurers such as Discovery, Momentum, etc. as they all offer hospital plans. You could look for their call centre number online or visit one of their offices.

    Running around town or having to phone for a quote can be quite time-consuming and very frustrating. If you want to save yourself the hassle, enter your details on this page. This site is designed to make things easier for you by allowing you to get quotes from several companies within seconds.

    All in all, medical cover in the form of a hospital plan is an affordable alternative to full medical aid coverage. If you have no need for day to day cover, this is an excellent option for you.

    To get a FREE hospital plan quote, fill in the form on this page

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