Momentum Ingwe Supplies Private Hospital Support at Low Rates

    February 23, 2017

    Momentum Ingwe hospital plan aims to provide comprehensive yet affordable medical insurance to local and international students. Ingwe does not limit your choice to state hospitals or a limited selection of private practitioners. Instead, get the option of any private hospital or day care centre of your choice.

    Unlimited GP Visits and Top Class Medical Service

    Unlimited GP visits are supplied, as long as you stick to doctors who are a part of the Momentum Ingwe Active Primary Care network. With NetCare 911 falling under the Momentum umbrella, you can expect top class medical professionals no matter where you are. Even more, side-benefits are awaiting Ingwe members. Here we’ll take a look at what sets this hospital plan apart.

    Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan Contributions

    Momentum Ingwe Hospital PlanThe monthly contributions for Momentum Ingwe are among the lowest out of any hospital plan in South Africa. It makes Ingwe perfect for students. Their pricing is as follows:

    • R335 for the Principal Member
    • R335 per Adult Dependent
    • R210 per Child Dependent



    Along with the standard in-hospital benefits, Ingwe members are also given the option of many affordable additional products. GapCover costs just R77 per month and extends your cover considerably. It offers emergency insurance in case of in-hospital shortfalls in coverage. Dental coverage to the value of R2000 per tooth repair to a maximum of five teeth is also given. It also acts as an accidental death policy to the value of R25,000.

    In-Hospital & Day to Day Benefits from Momentum Ingwe

    Momentum Ingwe hospital plan gives you 100% scheme rates for all of its benefits. The annual cover extends to a maximum of R1,190,000 per family per year. Emergencies have full coverage, but you only get one visit per year and a two per family per year. Prescribed minimum benefits are provided as per law, which sorts out all chronic medication and 270 conditions. Two specialist consultations have coverage while your first out-of-cover visit to a specialist will only cost you a R100 co-payment. So other medical services supported by Momentum Ingwe hospital plan include:

    • GP Approved Blood Tests
    • Basic X-Rays
    • GP & Specialist Prescribed Medication
    • Annual Dental Checkups
    • One Free Health Assessment per Year
    • Bi-Annual Optometrist Visits with Single or Bi-Focal Lens & Frame


    Ingwe’s No-Cost Benefits& Multiply Savings

    When you choose Momentum Ingwe, you are automatically eligible for discounts from over sixty stores across the country. Here are some of the best savings in Ingwe’s “Multiply” program:

    • Pick & Pay Smart Shopper Points Multipliers
    • Edcon Gift Card Discounts
    • 5% Back in Dis-Chem Points
    • 5% Discount on All Mango Flights
    • Movies Discounted as Low as R40 from NuMetro


    You also become a part of Momentum’s “Hello Doctor” network. It gives you medical advice on-demand using your smartphone. Should you leave South Africa for no time longer than 90 consecutive days, you receive R5 million’s worth of medical emergency cover. Even your passing is taken care of by Ingwe. A top-end of R50,000 is allocated for the repatriation of mortal remains.

    Momentum Ingwe’s Limits & Conditions

    The in-hospital and emergency care benefits are comprehensive enough for any student. However, you should keep in mind that you only have two emergency visits, one general checkup and two specialist consultations, or two physiotherapy sessions. The two visits to a specialist are shared with your casualty cover and physiotherapy. You can choose two sessions of either a visit to the specialist, a physiotherapist or two additional trips to the emergency room. Each time that you use any of these services, R100 becomes liable upon your first visit.

    An Affordable Student Hospital Plan

    If you are studying in South Africa with a firm focus on education alone, then your income should allow you to qualify for a great rate on Momentum Ingwe. So those with serious, ongoing health complaints may wish to look for a more specialised hospital plan. Everyone else who is also looking for peace of mind, great fringe benefits and a range of savings, should give Ingwe a try.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing