Hospital Plans for Farm Workers

    February 28, 2017

    South African farmers face daily challenges in the lives of their farm workers.

    Their workforce is exposed to the threat of serious injury or even death.

    Now there is a solution.

    The MadeSure AGRI Protector

    The AGRI Protector provides benefits that protect farm workers against daily risks and the unexpected cost of medical treatment if injured at their workplace.

    It also provides cover in the event of death.

    So this form of insurance gives farmers the peace of mind knowing that there is a financial back-up in times of need.

    Who qualifies for farm workers hospital plans?

    • Farm WorkersAll farm workers INCLUDING foreign nationals
    • You need no medical check-up
    • And no work permits


    What are the hospital plan benefits?

    • When admitted to hospital for accidental injury the policy will cover R2 000 a day for up to 14 days. A 48-hour excess applies
    • A hospital admission guarantee of up to R20 000 if admitted to hospital following an injury while at work
    • Emergency Search and Rescue as well as transportation up to R100 000
    • Life support and medical equipment up to R100 000
    • Expert Accident Assistance to help farmers with claims submissions to the Compensation for Occupation Injury and Disease Fund
    • A 24/7 panic response benefit in times of emergencies


    What are the Permanent Disability Benefits?

    • A total payment of R100 000
    • Mobility Cover of up to R150 000 for wheelchairs, prosthetics or vehicle and home modifications
    • Up to R75 000 for rehabilitation when workers need to be trained to perform other work tasks
    • Child support of R200 a day is paid for 28 days in the event of accidental disability or injury to the main member/spouse/child. There is an annual limit of R10 000 and a seven-day waiting period


    Reimbursement for loss of income

    • The policies cover the sum insured weekly for up to 52 weeks in the event of accidental injury or serious illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer
    • If diagnosed with a serious illness, then the cover applies up to the age of 60 years 30 days after diagnosis
    • There is a seven-day waiting period for accidental injury


    What does it cost?

    The MadeSure AGRI Protector costs R95 a month, and the AGRI Protector Plus costs R150 a month and includes R150 free airtime monthly.


    Farm workers get peace of mind and financial security in the form of protection against serious illness, injury, loss of income and also in the worst case scenario – death.

    They also have cover 24/7, including off-duty hours.


    So the South African agricultural industry is in desperate need of protection and security.

    Farmers too need all possible help to safeguard their workers who play a major role in contributing to the South African economy.

    This form of insurance enables farmers to assist their workers and families when most needed.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing