Unlimited Chronic Cover with Your Suremed Shuttle Hospital Plan

    February 28, 2017

    SureMed Shuttle is a hospital plan that supplies 100% scheme tariffs and unlimited cover for most in-hospital procedures. Other than covering all prescribed minimum benefits through any private hospital of your choice, you also get a generous limit to oncology, great radiology, and unlimited HIV/AIDS cover. So here we will be taking a closer look at the features provided by this top-class South African hospital plan.




    Shuttle’s Superb Premier Rates

    Suremed ShuttleSureMed Shuttle aims to be a class above your standard hospital plans. also their monthly contributions are competitively priced, making Shuttle one of the most beneficial plans for those who need specialised procedures. So the monthly contributions for SureMed Shuttle are:

    • R1320 for the Principal Member
    • R980 per Adult Dependent
    • R540 per Child Dependent


    SureMed Shuttle’s In-Hospital Benefits

    SureMed Shuttle gives a standard 100% tariff rate on most in-hospital procedures. You are also given a budget of R14,000 for hospitalisation alternatives. So among the more prominent benefits of SureMed’s hospital plan are:

    • Unlimited Cover for Private Hospital Hospitalization
    • GP & Specialist Visits
    • Mental Health Cover for PMBs
    • Organ Transplants
    • Pathology
    • General Radiology
    • Chronic Medication
    • Dialysis
    • HIV/AIDS Cover
    • 3 Specialized Radiology In-Hospital Scans

    Preventative Care

    Preventative care benefits, as before mentioned, are limited to R1,250. This, however, includes numerous health care services. So the full range of preventative benefits is as follows:

    • One Mammogram
    • An Annual pap smear
    • Both PSA and HIV Testing
    • Blood Glucose Screening
    • Blood Pressure Testing
    • Cholesterol Evaluation
    • Body Mass Index Report


    Multiply from SureMed

    Multiple is a points-based system from SureMed which also rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So multiply encourages financial, physical and emotional well-being through the provision of points based on your purchases. Points can then be redeemed for significant discounts across a range of over sixty stores. Notable members making a part of Multiply are:

    • Virgin LifeCare
    • Health24
    • Virgin Active
    • FitTrack
    • Mango
    • Avis
    • Dis-Chem
    • NuMetro
    • Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving
    • Flex breaks
    • Momentum net
    • There is also discounts to be found at the following online shopping outlets:
    • Serengeti Eyewear
    • Multiple Magazines
    • Bushnell Products
    • Tasco
    • com
    • NetFlorist
    • co.za
    • Monix
    • Alva
    • Dyson
    • Casals
    • Rollasole
    • MorphyRichards
    • Mellerware
    • Proshop
    • Cycle Lab
    • Aqua Optima
    • Jawbone


    Shuttle’s Limits

    Oncology support is also slightly lacking, with a limit of R150,000 per family it could be better. Preventative care also carries a limit of R1,250 per beneficiary. If you admit yourself to any private hospital without pre-authorization, you are liable to pay a fee of R1000, as well as your accommodation costs, medication, materials and theatre costs. Also, internal and external prostheses have a limit of R30,000 per beneficiary. If your physiotherapy falls within PMBs, you are of course covered, however, if not, your cover is limited to R5,000. Terminal care also carries a limit of R20,000 per family.


    SureMed Shuttle – An All-Round Excellent Hospital Plan

    The shuttle comes in at a slightly lower price than most hospital plans offering unlimited cover, even at a 100% tariff rate. The wellness benefits alone are a worthy contribution to your monthly fees, while when in the hospital you will struggle to find services which are as comprehensive. For individuals, SureMed’s hospital plan makes a great choice, although adding dependents can be costly. Nevertheless, don’t let this scare you away from their services. So you get to pick your provider and you have coverage for almost everything to fair value.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing