Try Fedhealth Blue Door Plus Low Cost Hospital Plan

    February 28, 2017

    FedHealth supplies two highly competitive hospital plans at affordable rates. Both FedHealth Blue Door Plus and Maxima EntryZone give comprehensive hospital cover at prices which almost anyone can afford. EntryZone is the cheaper option of the two. However, you get top-class cover at this low price. Blue Door Plus gives you unlimited coverage in the case of hospitalisation but comes to a slightly higher cost. Here we will be taking a look at what the core differences between this two hospital plan to see which is better suited to you and your family.



    Monthly Contributions for EntryZone and Blue Door Plus

    Blue Door Plus

    Pricing on both hospital plans is extremely affordable. Blue Door Plus makes premier health insurance accessible to all income groups. You are limited to network options only when subscribing to either of these two packages. However, the network hospitals do include private health care centres. So the pricing structure of both packages is set out as follows:



    Maxima EntryZone (Fixed Contributions)

    • R1179 for the Principal Member
    • R881 per Adult Member
    • R396 per Child Member


    Maxima Blue Door Plus (Scalable Contributions)

    Total Monthly Income of Less Than R5000

    • R690 for the Principal Member
    • R572 per Adult Member
    • R328 per Child Member


    Total Monthly Income of Between R5001 and R8200

    • R875 for the Principal Member
    • R723 per Adult Member
    • R422 per Child Member


    Total Monthly Income of BetweenR8201 and R10000

    • R1227 for the Principal Member
    • R1018 per Adult Member
    • R464 per Child Member


    Total Monthly Income of Between R10001 and R11760

    • R1559 for the Principal Member
    • R1222 per Adult Member
    • R602 per Child Member


    Total Monthly Income of Over R11761

    • R2114 for the Principal Member
    • R1832 per Adult Member
    • R796 per Child Member


    EntryZone Gives You Basic Cover for All PMBs

    All prescribed minimum benefits are provided for, as per legal stipulations. Your GP will also advise the best course of chronic medication, should you need it. You in-hospital cover is unlimited, even on EntryZone. Seven days’ worth of take-home medication is also paid for, like MRI and CT scans. Should you opt for non-network medical providers, FedHealth still covers a 100% tariff rate. Cardiac, HIV and both women and children’s health screening are provided free of charge.

    Blue Door Plus Grants Unlimited Hospital Cover

    So from emergency ambulance services to medical appliances and physical therapy, you have full cover with no annual limit. Immune deficiencies are fully handled, as are blood clots and blood work issues. Maternity care has an annual limit of R32,900 per event, while the annual limit is set at R48,700. Pathology and general radiology are also unlimited, specialised radiology has coverage at R12,100 per beneficiary, with a limit of R24,400 per family per year. You get two mental health consultations per year, and you are also eligible for basic dental and optometry. Also a great benefit of Blue Door Plus is the unlimited budget for acute medical conditions and acute medication.

    Flexible Options Dependent on Your Income

    So both packages from FedHealth give you access to some of the best healthcare providers in the country at highly competitive rates.  Blue Door Plus is the better option, thanks to the dental, wellness and optometry benefits but if you can’t afford the premiums, you are still getting great value from EntryZone.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing