GEMS Hospital Cover for Government Employees

    January 5, 2017

    Many people simply just can’t afford the rising costs with belonging to medical aid. Often the bad prices are with fewer services. People are desperately looking for alternatives to this and are opting for hospital cover. GEMS Hospital Cover for government employees is one such plan.

    Which one suits your Particular Needs?

    Some of the cream of the crop of South Africa’s hospital cover comes from top providers such as Momentum Health, Bonitas, GEMS, Discovery Health and Fedhealth.

    GEMS Hospital CoverBefore deciding what benefits and monthly premiums suit you best from any one of these providers. Note that hospital plans that are given to you from insurance companies will offer lower benefits than those that medical schemes provide. It’s because they don’t need to pay the minimum requirements that are set out in the Medical Schemes Act.


    GEMS or Government Employees Medical Scheme began in 2005. Designed to satisfy the health needs of government employees at affordable rates. GEMS offers five different plans. These are:

    • Ruby
    • Sapphire
    • Beryl
    • Emerald
    • Onyx


    Each Gem is in a Different price Range

    Each one of these GEMS Hospital Cover offers benefits with varying price ranges.  In fact, GEMS ranks as a medical aid considerably cheaper than other schemes.

    • If for instance, you are on the Beryl plan, you will get in-hospital care, whether you decide to go to a public or a private facility. If you are a member of GEMS, you need to access your medical care from the designated providers.
    • Both the Beryl and Sapphire plans are entry level choices by GEMS. For something inexpensive, Sapphire will provide you in-hospital care at public facilities and out-of-hospital care at private facilities.
    • The Emerald plan is very similar to other medical aid programs with the Onyx program ranking at the top range.
    • If you want the cheapest plan from GEMS, Ruby is the one for you as it has a hospital program. Ruby will offer you comprehensive in- as well as out-of-hospital benefits through their Personal Medical Savings Account Plan, their hospital plan, and their block benefit.The Personal Medical Savings Account Plan or PMSA comprises 25% from you into your savings account. You get out-of-hospital or day-to-day medical expenses from this account, and once you reach your limit, the Block benefit will pay for your benefits.

    Rest assured with GEMS Hospital Cover

    When deciding on which plan to choose at GEMS, assess your medical needs. If you are healthy for instance, and you don’t need day-to-day care. Then the Ruby plan from GEMS might be exactly what you need.

    You will have access to the GEMS contact centre and receive a fitness welcome pack when you join. GEMS Medical Scheme has come up with affordable in-hospital plans. So that when you’re in a hospital, you can only concentrate on getting better.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing