Maxima Basis Plan from Fedhealth

    November 23, 2016

    About Maxima Basis Plan

    Choosing the perfect Medical Aid product can be quite daunting, particularly if one has to sift through the various options available from the numerous service providers in the industry.

    Significantly, it is especially daunting for those first-time clients who are either planning for or are in the early stages of building their young family.

    Usually, this category of people continuously seeks top medical aid options even if it initially only provides the basic plan.

    Fortunately, the Maxima Basis Plan it is highly suitable for healthy, young people who do not necessarily require day to day cover but instead desire to have an excellent hospital cover.

    Maxima Basis Plan from Fedhealth

    Significantly, it accommodates the growing of such young families and, therefore it is a good option for consideration.

    And it is the first of the inventive Fedhealth Plans  that provides both a Hospital Plan plus, importantly, a very useful Savings component.



    High Level Benefits

    The following High-level Benefits are included in the Maxima Basis Plan:


    • Major Medical Benefit

    This benefit covers all hospitalisation costs but on condition that it has been pre-authorised.


    • Day to Day Benefit

    This benefit is covered from the Out of Hospital Expenses Benefit (OHEB) of the plan.

    And it applies to a maximum of three children

    • Threshold Benefit

    This benefit is utilised for day to day costs, but only once Out of Hospital Expenses Benefit (OHEB) has been exhausted.


    • Chronic Disease Benefit

    This benefit covers the 25 approved chronic diseases medication.


    General & Value Added Benefits

    Importantly, the Maxima Basis Plan covers the following General and Value Added benefits:

    • Unlimited cover at ALL Private hospitals;
    • Also, unlimited cover for Contracted-In-Fedhealth-Network In-Hospital Specialists;
    • Unlimited cover for Contracted-In-Fedhealth-Network Family Practitioners consultations;
    • Up to 100% of the Fedhealth-Network Cover for non-Fedhealth professionals (and the difference in cost payable by the member);
    • Ample Day to Day Savings;
    • Optometry Benefits (Consultation, one pair of lenses, one frame – per beneficiary, per annum);
    • Maternity and Basic Dentistry Benefits;
    • Extensive cover for 25 Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) Chronic Conditions;
    • Additionally, specialised, Unlimited Radiology (if pre-authorised);
    • Whether admitted to hospital or not, casualty ward Trauma treatment cover;
    • Selected Female Contraception (patch and IUDs including Mirena®, contraceptive rings and oral);
    • The State of the art children’s, women’s, cardiac and general health, as well as Preventative and Wellness Screenings;
    • Seven days of take-home medication;
    • 30 days of Post-Hospitalisation treatment;
    • Free flu vaccinations for the entire family;
    • Free 24-hour access to the Fedhealth Nurse Line;
    • In addition, the value added Threshold Benefit applies for events not anticipated.


    Additional Option

    The Maxima Basis Plan also offers a Grid option.

    This option is available at a reduced monthly premium, although members still enjoying all of the benefits offer by this plan.

    The only two requirements of this additional option are:

    1. It is more beneficial for members to make use of Private Hospitals listed on the Fedhealth Grid.
    2. A Member Co-Payment will apply should members utilise of a Non-Fedhealth Grid hospital.

    Member Premium Options

    So, displayed in the table below, is the Maxima Basis Plan cost effective 2017 Main and Grid monthly premium options:


    Maxima Basis Plan MONTHY PREMIUM OPTION Main Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
    MAIN R2 501 R2 129 R754
    GRID R2 251 R1 916 R679
    Maxima Basis Plan ANNUAL Day to day available PREMIUM OPTION Main Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
    MAIN R4 500 R3 828 R1 356
    GRID R4 056 R3 444 R1 224
    Maxima Basis Plan ANNUAL Day to day available PREMIUM OPTION Main Member + Adult Dependant Main Member + Adult Dependant + 1 Child Dependant Main Member + Adult Dependant + 2 Child Dependants
    MAIN R8 328 R9 684 R11 040
    GRID R7 500 R8 724 R9 948

    Sign Up Information

    So if you are ready to sign up for this plan, then here are the various options:

    CALL: 082 000 2153  OR  SMS: “BASIS to 32199


    All info was correct at time of publishing