Affinity Health Day to Day Cover

    September 6, 2016

    Understanding the workings of medical aid in South Africa isn’t easy. Medical aids are complicated. People get sick, and accidents happen, and just having medical aid can keep you calm. The Council for Medical Schemes governs medical aids. So there is some regulation in the industry. But companies such as Affinity Health can give good day-to- day cover although it is not a registered medical aid.

    With all the choices South Africa offers, you would be wise to do research and choose your medical aid scheme and plan carefully. Among the many offerings, most medical aids have day-to-day benefits. These are the general medical costs for day-to-day care such as visits to the doctor or the dentist.

    Affinity Health Isn’t a Medical Aid

    Affinity Health Day to Day Cover

    Affinity Health is a leading provider of health cover to South Africans. They aren’t a medical aid. They’re well aware that medical aid is a luxury which very few in South African can afford. Affinity’s focus is on offering a broad range of benefits at affordable prices.

    They want to know that their members have medical care from a choice of excellent health care providers. Affinity Health also offers an effortless claims process. With Affinity, day to day medical and health services are affordable because of a prepaid subscription to a medical services network. They also offer hospital cover with a maximum entry age of 54 and a maximum age of 64 for their day to day plans.

    You Pay for What You Want

    Affinity Health has come up with a host of health care products designed to protect your family. These products are tailored to suit the needs of clients. So you don’t end up paying for products they don’t want. Affinity’s private health benefits include hospital cover because of illness or injury, quick access to a network of medical professionals, daily hospitalisation cash benefits and cover for unlimited doctor visits and general day to day medication.

    Affinity’s day to car cover pays benefits for:

    • Basic dentistry, blood tests, x-rays, optometry – these are all unlimited when recommended by your network GP.
    • Unlimited doctor visits and medication for general day to day ailments such as flu, allergies and stomach bugs.
    • Access to Affinity’s network of medical professionals – this is nationwide.
    • Once you leave the hospital, you can benefit from private home nursing up to R10 000.

    For older people, Affinity also offers these day to day health care benefits for those who are over the age of 55. Their low-cost insurance rates start at R579 per month.

    You can call Affinity if you wish to go ahead with their day to day cover. You can email Affinity at or tel. 0861 11 00 33. With day-to-day benefits, your GP visits, medication and day-to-day benefits are all covered with payment of your premium.

    New Beginnings in Health Care for You

    When you look at What Affinity Health offers, the prices should make you stand in awe. At last, you can find medical care at prices which are truly affordable. Affinity Health attracts clients from all cultures and all walks of life, and one look at their testimonials will make you realise that finally, you are onto something excellent.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing