GEMS Ruby Hospital Plan

    July 15, 2016

    The cost of living is so high that South Africans are looking at every way they can to cut back on their expenditures. Many government employees are switching to the GEMS Ruby hospital plan to save costs.

    They’re opting to leave their high priced medical aid plans and looking to buy the more affordable hospital plans. In fact, this exodus of members from full medical plan options to lower-cost hospital plans is just one of the reasons we see an increase in monthly premiums.

    GEMS Ruby Hospital Plan – The Small Print Tells You a Lot

    Whether you opt for a full medical plan or a hospital plan, you simply have to read the small print of each one to see what you’re getting and what you’re not getting. Medical schemes and hospital plans fall under the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and the authority of the Medical Schemes Council.

    You also have to bear in mind that the cash-back plans which insurance companies sell don’t abide by these rules. So it is far better to go for a hospital plan that falls under a medical aid scheme and is GEMS Ruby Hospital Planregulated.

    The GEMS Ruby hospital plan option is a good choice like this.

    GEMS Ruby Hospital Plan – Medical Scheme for Government Employees

    GEMS registered in January 2005 to meet the healthcare needs of Government Employees. They offer five health care benefit options –¬† Sapphire, Beryl, Ruby, Emerald, and Onyx. GEMS medical aid offers members care programmes to manage chronic medical diseases and conditions. By opting for the Ruby Plan, GEMS Personal Healthcare will¬† give plenty of support and health advice.

    The Ruby option includes a Savings Account and hospital plan.

    The savings account is for those day-to-day medical expenses.

    The Ruby option offers comprehensive hospital benefits through a Personal Medical Savings Account, hospital plan and a Block Benefit.

    Members on the Ruby option have access to any private hospital. Members of the Ruby plan are also free to visit a doctor of their choice. To be part of the GEMS Ruby Hospital Plan, you need to be a principal GEMS member or you need to be employed by the government. To become part of the Ruby Hospital Plan, you can:

    • Join online on their website.
    • Call GEMS on 0860 00 4367.
    • You can fax GEMS on 0861 00 4367.
    • Email GEMS at with the title of your email being ‘GEMS Fitness Programme.


    How to Join the GEMS Ruby Hospital Plan

    Download a hospital plan form from the Gems website ( Even if you’re not sure about the benefits of the Ruby plan, you can SMS the word ‘Benefit’ to 33489 along with your membership number. As with most hospital schemes, the medical aid scheme will need to authorise you go to a hospital and also for out-patient visits. Some in-hospital benefits you can enjoy include:

    • Prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs).
    • Dental services.
    • Maternity benefits – subject to registration on their maternity programme.
    • Mental health.
    • Physiotherapy – R4 258 per beneficiary each year.
    • Organ and tissue transplants – limited to R526 293 for each recipient each year.
    • HIV infection, AIDS cover.
    • Optical services.

    There is far more to these benefits, and it is always wise to be an informed buyer of health care products.


    GEMS Medical Aid is an excellent solution for government employees. GEMS provides all the benefits that come from belonging to good health care, and the Ruby Hospital Plan is available at reasonable rates. The option includes full hospital cover and access to a wide range of affordable health professionals within the healthcare network.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing