Clientele Premium Hospital Plan

    May 13, 2016

    People who have been on medical aids that have sapped all their money have found themselves downgrading to a hospital plan to make ends meet. Some have moved to Clientele Premium thinking it is some kind of medical aid.

    Hospital plans are a basic kind of medical aid, and its their cheapness that makes them so popular, especially with the younger generation who are still healthy enough to benefit from them. Most people don’t understand the difference between a medical aid and hospital insurance. Medical aids pay for certain medical procedures, but the Clientele hospital plan for instance will pay cash for each day you are in hospital.

    There is a significant difference between a hospital plan sold by an insurance company and a medical aid hospital plan. A hospital plan isn’t regulated by medical councils which means you won’t have anywhere to lodge complaints should you want to dispute your claim.

    You can use that money as you like but most people pay for costs connected to their stay in hospital. You’ll find that insurance products also have waiting periods before you can claim on the plan, and with Clientele’s Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan, for hospitalisation due to dread disease claims for Clientele Premiuminstance, the periods are 6 months and the waiting period for  maternity benefits is 12 months and for pre-existing conditions it is 24 months.

    Who is Clientele?

    Clientele is one of South Africa’s leading provider of quality financial service products. People appreciate that Clientele offers products which are easy to understand, simple and straightforward. Clients trust in the credibility of Clientele, after all, they’ve been providing South Africans with reliable  insurance products for more than 2 decades now and their name is respected and trusted. They offer products such as life, dread disease, investment, legal and hospitalisation products which suit South Africans from all walks of life.

    There are quite a few medical schemes and financial services companies in South Africa who offer these hospital plans, and Clientele is one. They offer their hospital insurance products to protect their clients against the frighteningly high costs related to hospitalisation.

    Clientele Premium – You Won’t Find More Value

    Clientele offers two hospital plans – Clientele Hospital Plus Plan and Clientele Premium Hospital Plan. Let’s look at what the Premium Hospital Plan offers –

    • a monthly premium of R275 per month
    • it will pay between up to R5 000 per day from day 1 if you are hospitalised for more than 2 days – the benefit is paid out in cash
    • pre-existing medical conditions are covered under the Premium Hospital plan, but there is a 24 month waiting period
    • maternity benefit
    • ICU benefit
    • dread disease benefit
    • accidental disability benefit
    • covers pre-existing conditions after a specified waiting period

    You benefit from a Cash Back amount after every 60 premiums paid. No medical examination is required for the Premium Hospital Plan. With Clientele, anyone between the ages of 18 and 69 can apply, but you must have a South African ID which is valid.

    Invest in this Hospital Plan with Confidence

    With medical aids, South Africans are battling to pay the exorbitant premiums each month. Hospital plans come like a lifeline to the healthy because they cost far less, and a hospital plan such as the Clientele Premium Hospital Plan which offers so much value, is a plan you can invest in with confidence.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing