Why Choose a Prime Meridian Hospital Plan

    May 12, 2016

    Prime Hospital Plan is the name given to the Hospital Plan administered by Prime Meridian. Prime Meridian is a reputable insurance company. They are known for their cheap rates and excellent services.

    A comprehensive medical aid is expensive. It comes with high monthly premiums and restrictive regulations. For people who are cash-strapped, having a medical aid is a luxury they can’t afford. Many are opting for a Hospital Plan, especially the young, fit and healthy.

    Prime Hospital Plan Covers Lost Income

    Prime Hospital Plan doesn’t cover your hospital stay like a hospital plan option on a Medical Aid would. It supplements, in part, some of your income that may be lost while you are in hospital.

    • There are plans for individuals or families, and also a hospital Plus plan with added benefits.
    • Accidental Disability benefits – permanent disability pays out up to R50,000.
    • Maternity complications benefits.
    • Dependants are covered up to the age of 21.
    • Premiums are determined according to the age of the oldest person covered, and the amount of Prime Meridian Hospital Plansdaily cash payout required.
    • No medical examination is necessary.
    • Pre-existing conditions are included after a 24 months waiting period.
    • There is a special Seniors Plan available for older folks up to the age of 75.
    • The Plan covers you if you’re hospitalized for illness, or accidents.
    • Your monthly premium will never escalate, it is fixed for life.
    • Your daily cash payout may be used for whatever you like.
    • Your daily cash benefit is increased by 25% if you are treated in ICU.


    Waiting Periods

    ▪ 2 months before you can claim for hospitalization.

    ▪ 24 months for any pre-existing condition.

    • The Family Plan covers your spouse, and up to 3 children up to the age of 18.
    • The daily cash payout is tax-free.


    The Various Plans

    There are 7 Individual Plans- and 7 Family Plans in the Prime Meridian Hospital Plan range –

    • Individual:

    ▪ Plan 1 –  For a daily benefit of R500, the monthly premiums will start at R93.

    ▪ Plan 7 – For a daily benefit of R3,000, the monthly premiums will start at R233.

    • Family:

    ▪ Plan 1 – For a daily benefit of R250, the monthly premiums will start at R93.

    ▪  Plan 7 – For a daily benefit of R4,000, the monthly premiums will start at R582.

    All benefits and premiums already paid will be forfeited if any information is inaccurate, incomplete, or fraudulent in any way.

    Prime Meridian say that for just R3 a day, South Africans are able to invest in the Prime Meridian Hospital Plan. They are able to benefit from as much as R4000 a day for hospitalisation.

    Turn Negative Hospitalisation Experiences into Positive Ones

    Unfortunately we will probably all need medical care at some time in our lives. Hospital fees are expensive. Even if you have a medical aid it will not cover the expenses that mount up at this time. This type of hospital plan will then be ideal.

    Prime Meridian understands the negative consequences of hospitalisation and the lack of productive time. They offer Hospital Plans to provide crucial cover for unplanned accidents and illness.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing