List of Hospital Plans in South Africa

    May 11, 2016

    A stint in a government hospital in South Africa is likely to sends shivers of horror down your spine. A hospital plan however, can be a lifeline thrown to you. If you can’t afford a comprehensive medical aid, your next option is a hospital plan. Here’s we list hospital plans to help you in your quest for good health cover.

    Most medical schemes offer hospital plans. Not all of them are an automatic choice for cash strapped South Africans. Those with young families or serious illnesses won’t benefit from a hospital plan.

    For people who are fairly healthy on the other hand, a hospital plan is exactly what they’re looking for. These hospital plans allow members control over their medical spending. They offer core medical cover for emergencies.

    Let’s look at where you can find a list of hospital plans that might be worth investigating.

    List Hospital Plans in South AfricaTop 10 List Hospital Plans in SA

    • Momentum – they offer their Momentum Custom Option hospital plan and their Ingwe Plan. Premiums start from R349 – R1880 depending on income.
    • Bonitas – their BonEssential and BonCap hospital plan offers exceptional hospital cover. BonEssential provides cover which is unlimited for no less than 27 chronic conditions. There are also additional benefits for maternity-, preventative- and wellness care. You pay between R368-R1834 depending on income for BonCap and R1316 for the BonEssential Plan.
    • Liberty – they offer 3 unique hospital plans. Their Hospital Select has premiums between R1246 – R2343. There are no day to day benefits or savings. Manage cost by using hospital network facilities.
    • Discovery – Discovery Health is the biggest open medical aid in South Africa. They offer a range of plans to suit everyone. They offer 3 different hospital plans with their Core Series. Their hospital plans don’t offer day-to-day cover but the hospital plans offer a chronic illness benefit. Premiums start in the region of R600 and go to about R1 300. Premiums depend on your income.
    • Genesis – they have 2 hospital plans – the Private Choice and the Private Plan.┬áPrivate Choice is their basic plan, being R950 for the principal member. Members can use any private hospital.
    • Selfmed – their MEDXXI option is a hospital plan that offers 25 PMB chronic conditions. They offer unlimited hospital cover at their designated hospitals, paid at 100% of Agreed Tariff.
    • Medshield – their Medicare is a comprehensive hospital plan, providing cover through their hospital network. Because its comprehensive, expect premiums of R1767.


    More on the List Hospital Plans in SA

    • Sizwe Gomomo Care – R700 – R1890 depending on your income
    • Fedhealth Blue Door Plus and Maxima Entryzone – R690 – R1179. Just Blue Door Plus premiums will depends on your income.
    • Bestmed – their Beat1 is R1029 for Network hospital benefits



    A good hospital plan is offered by a registered medical scheme. It isn’t hospital insurance. It is important to remember that even though a scheme says it will pay 100% of the rate charged by a medical aid, it could be less than your hospital bill. You could face a co-payment. It is wise to check your hospital plan each year as premiums and benefits change.

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