Bonitas BonFit Plan for the Young and Fit

    April 8, 2016

    Most medical aids believe that the young and healthy do not fall ill very often, and therefore do not justify a comprehensive option.The Bonitas BonFit plan is typical of this approach.

    Typically, this will result in the chosen cover being a hospital plan, with a small savings portion. Although this gives peace of mind as far as private hospital cover is concerned, it gives little assurance of having good day-to-day medical care when the kids start arriving.

    Bonitas has come up with a low-cost option for these young and fit members, giving them good hospital cover, and a basic, but comprehensive cover for their day-to-day medical expenses.

    The Bonitas BonFit Plan

    With the Bonitas BonFit Plan, the main member will be making a monthly contribution of R! 598, Bonitas BonFit Planan adult dependent R1 238 and to cover a child the premium will be R479. As with the other Bonitas plans, the fourth and subsequent children will be covered free of charge.

    This option makes use of a Network selection of specialists, GP’s, pharmacies, hospitals and other para-medical services. If you make use of any of these services belonging to the network, Bonitas will pay 100% of the Bonitas rate. If however, you make use of a non-network facility, you will have a 30-40% co-payment to contend with. The Bonitas BonFit plan also has deductibles for

    certain procedures in hospital, and you will be required to pay an upfront amount, depending on the nature of the procedure. BonFit is a new-generation option that offers it members lots of awesome benefits –

    • In-hospital benefits
      •Network doctors will be paid in full. Unlimited benefits.
      •Unlimited blood tests and x-rays will be paid 100% of Bonitas rate.
      •Different surgery, and procedures, will attract co-payments ranging from R1050 to R5250. These include tonsillectomies on the one end of the scale, and joint replacements on the other.
    • Out of hospital benefits
      •These benefits are covered by a limited savings plan.
      •Per year, the main member’s allotted portion is R2880, an adult dependant R2232 and a child child R964.
      •Out of this portion comes the specialist and GP consultations, acute medication, pathology, radiology, basic dentistry, and other para-medical services.
    • Chronic benefits
      •For those who require medicine on an ongoing basis.
      •27 conditions are covered, known as PMB’s or Prescribed Medicine Benefits. These conditions include Asthma, Bipolar Mood Disorder, HIV, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Parkinsons Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension.
      •This cover is subject to the use of medicine from the specific Bonitas formulary.
      a special dispensing pharmacy is also recommended.
      •If it is not used, a 40% co-payment will be requested elsewhere.
      •Other benefits include maternity care. On registering, a special mother and baby gift pack will be awarded.
      •There are also childhood illness benefits, paediatric benefit and preventative care. our Health Portal is an online educational web and mobile health portal, giving the necessary resources to make better health choices, and be well-informed.

    Specialized dentistry is subject to the scheme’s managed care protocols, while Managed Care means the management and provision of programmes for a number of conditions such as diabetes, HIV and emergency medical services among others.

    Bonitas Medical Aid isn’t one of South Africa’s largest medical aids for nothing. Their wide selection of plans such as the BonFit plan suits a particular sector – their medical needs and their budget – and a visit to their  website will help you discover more about their  sought after  products.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing