Bonitas BonClassic Plan

    April 3, 2016

    Nothing in life stays the same, and each new year brings with it new challenges and new changes. It is always a wise move to have a good look at your medical aid and what benefits it offers in the new year. If you’re irritated with the plan you’re on, maybe its time to look at an alternative plan in 2016 – something like the Bonitas BonClassic Plan at least.

    Updated Features of the Bonitas BonClassic Plan

    With Bonitas, the 2nd largest open medical scheme in South Africa, they welcome feedback from their members and if you’re looking for change with your plan, contact Bonitas or your  Alexander Forbes Health consultant. If you have been with the BonClassic Plan in 2015, you’ll notice some benefit changes in 2016 such as:

    • Cochlear implant cover has been increased to R250 000 per family per year on the BonClassic option.
    • An education and co-ordination of care benefit will be introduced early in 2016.
    • Diabetic management care through the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology will be available with the BonClassic option for members who have diabetes.
    • 4 chronic conditions have been removed – bulimia nervosa, cystic fibrosis, motor neuron disease and thromboangitis obliterans.

    Bonitas BonClassic PlanTo belong to the BonClassic plan, the main member will need to fork up R3 260 and gets a savings amount of R5 532 at the start of the new year. This is useful because the member can use it for all those day to day medical expenses such as GP visits. On the BonClassic plan, a dependant adult will pay R2 799 per month and the premium for a child is R805, with the 4th and subsequent children being covered free of charge.

    More Benefits from the Bonitas BonClassic Plan

    We look at some of the other benefits the BonClassic Plan member will enjoy:

    • In-hospital benefits at any hospital with this new generation plan offer unlimited network doctors paid in full as well as unlimited x-rays and blood tests at 100%.
    • In-hospital benefits also include an oncology benefit of R351 900.
    • No co-payment for procedures and scans.
    • Out-of hospital benefits include R13 600 for mental health.
    • Separate dentist and optometry benefits – Bonitas is the only medical scheme to pay
      for dental benefits from risk.
    • Bonitas covers chronic life-threatening conditions that require the member to having ongoing medication and the BonClassic Plan covers no less than 51 chronic conditions.
    • Supplementary benefits include maternity care which includes 12 antenatal consultations, elderly-, women’s-, cardiac and general health as well as wellness- and wellness extender benefit.


    A Scheme that Supports Your Family’s Health Care

    Health is priceless and you can’t fool around with it. Put your health in the hands of a reputable, long-standing medical aid such as Bonitas, who offer their traditional, hybrid and new generation options.

    With their Plan Finder Tool you can find out everything you need on a specific plan and compare plans to see which one suits your lifestyle and your family’s needs. They have a deep understanding about how the health care industry works. With the excellent plans they offer, their focus is on providing accessible health care for all South Africans.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing