Bonitas Standard Plan

    April 2, 2016

    As an open medical scheme and South Africa’s second-biggest, more than 650,000 beneficiaries rely on Bonitas to resolve their medical issues and provide them with plans that meet their budgets. Bonitas offers a range of medical plans to suit ordinary South Africans and they provide options for people to actually compare their plans side by side. Bonitas Standard Plan is arguably the most popular of all.

    Bonitas offers their Plan Finder Tool so that you can easily choose a plan that slots in with your needs. You can have confidence knowing that your family is adequately provided for with the Standard Option. It offers –

    • day to day benefits
    • savings
    • chronic cover
    • extensive benefits in hospital cover for dentistry, general practitioner consultations and optometry

    Not only that, with changes for Bonitas, as from the start of 2016 Bonitas members will have access to what is known as ‘Sanlam Reality’. This is a lifestyle, rewards and financial education programme that gives you 3 options. The programme is designed to help members save money Bonitas Standard Planand discover ways to be wise with the handling of their money. Each each one of the three options comes with its own benefits.

    Bonitas Standard Plan Details

    If you are single or are married with children, you can be sure that your family’s general medical needs will be covered with the Bonitas Standard Plan.

    The Bonitas Standard option requires that the –

    ►main member to may R2 683 per month
    ►an adult dependant will pay R2 321 per month
    ►a child R784 per month
    ►the fourth and any subsequent children will receive free medical care with Bonitas.

    The Bonitas Standard Plan provides comprehensive cover and has unlimited overall annual benefits as well as further chronic medication benefits. Some changes have been brought about to the Standard Plan for 2016 –

    • out of hospital claims, excluding network GP consultations, will be first paid from available current savings. If savings are used up, claims will be paid from day-to-day benefits.
    • a R5 000 co-payment applies for knee- as well as hip replacements where a non-ICPS provider is used
    • cochlear implant cover has been increased to R250 000 per family per year with the Standard Plan.

    If you are satisfied with your Standard Plan, you won’t find the need to change. Let’s look at some of the other benefits you can expect with your Standard Plan during 2016.

    Bonitas Standard Plan Other Benefits

    Bonitas covers a host of illnesses that require constant medication and with the Standard Plan, 44 chronic conditions are covered.  With the Standard Plan, Supplementary benefits are paid from risk and can be used for  authorised treatments in and out of hospital. For instance the Wellness Benefit allows –

    • 1 assessment for a beneficiary each year at a designated service provider, limited to the following – glucose-, cholesterol-, blood pressure test as well as body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio assessment.
    • for Cardiac health, 1 full lipogram for each 5 year cycle for anyone 20 years or older
    • members also enjoy maternity benefits, infant- and childhood benefits, women’s health, elderly health, general health and the Wellness extender benefit which is limited to R1 400 per family per year.


    Benefits of the Network

    Bonitas have negotiated with more than 5 400 doctors nationwide so that their members don’t have to  contribute a co-payment to their medical bill, and with some 35 years of insight and experience behind them, they know how to help their members save money while simultaneously looking after their health.

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