Bonitas Standard Select Plan

    April 2, 2016

    Bonitas Medical Aid is familiar to South Africans, after all it has been around for more than 3 decades and is a strong brand today. As an open medical scheme, it offers its members 5 plans, ensuring something for every budget. These 5 plans are known as BonComprehensive, which is their premium plan, BonEssential, BonSave, Standard and Primary. Now in 2016 Bonitas also offers the Bonitas Standard Select Plan, a traditional option with a savings account and the usual day-to-day benefits. With this plan you get –

    ►unlimited hospitalisation at 100% of the Bonitas rate at network hospitals. In hospital benefits include a R295 400 oncology benefit.
    ►non-network hospital admissions will require a 30% co-payment
    ►diabetic management care through the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology will be available the Standard Select Plan as well as on all options for members who have diabetes.
    ►Bonitas covers those illnesses that require ongoing medication and with Standard Select, 44 chronic conditions are covered.
    ►Dental benefits are paid at the Bonitas Dental tariff (BDT). Bonitas makes use of the services of Denis which stands for Dental Information Systems. There are co-payments on the hospital account on the Standard Select options and members need to use a hospital within the Bonitas Hospital Network.

    With traditional plans you get straightforward health care cover with benefits which are covered at 100% of the standard Bonitas rates. These traditional plans also offer dentistry-, day-to-day benefits, GP visit- as well as hospitalisation benefits.

    Bonitas Standard Select Plan Details

    Bonitas Standard Select PlanStandard Select gives you excellent benefits at a lower price than the Standard Plan and requires its members to use a network of hospitals and medical practitioners. If you are single or are married with children,  the Standard Select will suit you. Standard Select makes use of a Designated Service Provider network of medical professionals. Membership is R3 321 for the main member, an adult dependant will pay R2 007 and a child will be R678. With Bonitas the 4th child and any after that are covered free of charge.

    Access to the Finest Healthcare

    Not all medical schemes have a savings plan, but its the more comprehensive plans that have them, putting you in charge of your money and also earning you interest on a credit balance. With the Standard Select Plan you have a Savings Account where the main member gets R1 056. The savings is calculated as a percentage of you and your dependants’ total contribution.

    On most medical schemes, benefits such as the ones listed below are payable from day-to-day benefits. Bonitas’ supplementary benefits are paid from risk and won’t impact on your day-to-day benefits. With the Standard Select Plan you get supplementary benefits which are exactly the same as the Standard Plan. These include among others Maternity Care Benefits as well as Women’s health benefits, providing for 1 mammogram for each 2 year cycle and 1 pap smear per 3-year cycle.

    Bonitas Standard Select Plan Protects You From the Burden of Major Medical Costs

    Standard Select from Bonitas provides members with exceptional benefits at a lower price if you make use of their excellent network of hospitals and medical practitioners. With chronic cover, day-to-day-benefits, savings and extensive benefits in hospital, in 2016 with Bonitas you begin to understand the reason why this medical scheme is among South Africa’s leading schemes.

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