Four Hospital Cash Back Plans to Consider

    April 2, 2016

    The cost of living in South Africa is becoming such that there is the need to cut down wherever you can to make ends meet. Health is such a precious gift that it is one area where people think twice before cutting down on medical care protection. And yet this is precisely what South Africans are having to do – they are scaling down to less expensive plans, and in some  instances, cancelling their medical aid altogether. It is easy make up for this by considering hospital cash back plans.

    If you are battling financially, it is better to look at other means rather than cancelling your health coverage totally. Look at hospital cash back plans for instance, because  when you are facing sudden hospitalisation and have to find R50 000 for a few days in hospital, this can be a godsend  to you. It’s not a medical aid sure, but it is a form of financial protection when you land up in hospital out of work and out of money.

    Make Sure Your  Hospital Cash Back Plans Providers are Credible

    Many South Africans are looking at  hospital cash back plans as a worthwhile alternative to a medical aid plan. Always make sure that you only look at products and services from accredited Hospital Cash Back Planproviders, because then you won’t just get affordability, you’ll be integrity and value for your money.

    • Hollard Hospital Cash Back Plans – South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, delivering insurance solutions to more than 6 million policyholders. Hollard provides an impressive range of specialist insurance products. If you’re hospitalised, their hospital cash back plan will cover your living expenses. Their Day-Aid Hospital Cash Back Plan provides money when you are hospitalised which can be spent how you wish. It is separate from a medical aid plan or typical hospital insurance. When you’re hospitalised for 3 consecutive days or more, the plan will pay out a lump sum for each day you’re admitted. If you are hospitalised for more than 3 consecutive days, you’ll be paid an amount from day one onwards for each full day hospitalised. Compulsory additional benefits include Accidental Death Benefit, Money-Back Benefit, Accidental Disability Benefit and Public Transport Accident Benefit.
    • Clientele Life Hospital Cash Back Plans – As a financial services group, Clientele are one of South Africa’s leading direct distributors of financial service products, providing affordable insurance products for more than  20 years. You’ll receive money based on your hospital stay and can be used for medical- and other expenses. Choose from their Accidental-, Plus- and Premium Plan. The Hospital Plus Plan for instance starts from just R99 a month and each year covers up to R200 000 for hospitalisation. If hospitalised for more than 48 hours you’ll get a lump sum of up to R20 000 per stay as well as other benefits.
    • Chartis Hospital Cash Back Plans -As of November 2014 Chartis has rebranded to AIG. They are an American insurance company, providing a full range of insurance products. Starting at just R76.50 per month, the Chartis or AIG hospital plan takes care of you when you are hospitalised and out of work. Up to 5 children can be covered. Use the money as you wish. Chartis will pay up to R2 500 per day, and from day one. If you’re in Intensive Care, benefits will double up to R5 000 for every day in Intensive Care. The plan also includes maternity benefits. You won’t have to endure any medical questions- or tests with this hospital cash back plan.
    • Other Hospital Cash Back Plans are Standard Bank and Edgars


    Affordability and Peace-of-Mind Protection

    These hospital cash back plans are insurance for when you are hospitalised and are designed to financially protect you and your family when you land up there because of an illness or injury.

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