Standard Bank Hospital Cash Back Plan

    March 14, 2016

    Certainly in South Africa we have a generous selection of health care and health insurance to choose from. The Internet also makes the choice that much easier, as it is a minefield of information, helping you choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.  A Standard Bank Hospital cash back plan is a popular choice with South Africans because it is so affordable compared to other options such as medical aid plans.

    Standard Bank knows that medical costs are rising dramatically and that even if you are a member of a medical scheme, it is likely to only pay a portion of your hospital costs. To this end they offer a number of hospital plans to complement your medical aid, and their cash benefits are paid directly to the insured.

    Standard Bank Hospital Cash Back Plan – Sometimes Payout Starts on Day 3

    Hospital cashback plans have some rules that apply and that you need to be aware of. Most people just assume that their hospital cashback plan starts to kick in the moment they are admitted to hospital. In most instances though, the insurance company requires that the Standard Bank Hospital Cash Back Planpatient is hospitalised for a few days first before the payout kicks in.

    The amount of cash paid out by these hospital cashback plans will vary according to the specific policy you have selected.

    Generally this money is used to cover non-medical expenses for the duration of the hospital stay.

    The claim forms are available from the Standard Bank website. When you submit a claim form, you will need to attach all the relevant supporting documents to back up your claim and to allow for the processing to get underway.

    A Hospital cash back plan is a form of financial protection for when you are in hospital. The payments are for those who can’t work for a period of time and who may be in financial difficulty if it weren’t for the plan. The plans pay out a cash lump sum to the policyholder when they find themselves hospitalised because of an injury or accident.

    About Standard Bank Hospital Cash Back Plan

    Standard Bank is an authorised financial services provider and their health insurance portfolio includes dread disease insurance, personal accident insurance, RoadMed insurance and their hospital plan insurance.

    Their hospital plans cover the insured person and their family for when they are hospitalised.

    They offer a number of hospital products to meet their customer’s needs, and to apply, applicants need to be between the ages of 18 and 75. Some of the benefits to be enjoyed with the Standard Bank Hospital CashBack Plan –

    • You get cover each day in hospital/
    • Daily benefits paid for a maximum of 90 days – these don’t have to be consecutive days.
    • Children are covered up to the age of 18. If they are unmarried, cover goes up to the age of 25.
    • Cover is available for the policy holder, their spouse, children and extended family.
    • They offer 4 plans to choose from – individual, individual and spouse, single parent family and entire immediate family.


    If you want to receive immediate cover or you need to know more about the different plans that Standard Bank has to offer, why not call them on their insurance help line on 0860 012 301.

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