Can’t Afford Medical Aid? Here’s a Great Alternative

    February 24, 2016

    Even though South Africans have an excellent selection of medical aids and insurance companies to choose from, many have decided to give up their medical aid cover as they simply cant afford medical aid. They know too well what a risky move this is, especially as diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis are on the increase. Yet what choices to they have?

    It is estimated that less than 20% of South Africans have a medical aid, and even those who can afford it feel reluctant to part with with such huge sums of money. They are fed-up with medical aids that often tell them they have to pay a good portion of the massive medical bill they received.

    Cant Afford Medical Aid – There IS a Worthwhile Alternative

    But what is the alternative to a medical aid in a country where going to a state hospital is often where you get carried out in a coffin? What other offerings are there then if you don’t want to be looking at an early grave? Why not consider a hospital cash plan, where you at least get a certain amount of money for each day you stay in hospital?

    One of the insurance companies offering this kind of cash back plan is Clientele Life. They currently pay up to R3,000 per day with their Hospital Cash Back Plan and R5000 per day for their Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan.

    Hospital cash plans protect you and your family against all the costs related to your hospitalisation.   Another nice thing is that you don’t have to have a medical examination for these plans. Also, you can opt to go to any registered hospital in South Africa, because the amount that is paid out to you doesn’t change, regardless of whether you go to a state- or private hospital.

    Cant Afford Medical Aid – This isn’t a Medical Aid

    The idea behind these insurance plans is to provide that much needed cover for day-to-day Cant Afford Medical Aidliving expenses for your family and yourself. Hospital cash plans aren’t a medical aid and they won’t provide cover in respect of pre-existing illnesses. They are one up on medical aids because with a medical aid, if you join after you’re 35, you’ll be penalised with late joiner fees. With a hospital cash plan however, anyone between the ages of 18 and 76 can qualify for the plan and there aren’t any later joiner fees.

    There are different hospital cash plans and the main differences between the plans will be the level of benefit they provide, but mostly the cash can be used for whatever you or your family may need. There are many insurers providing hospital cash plans which offer some form of protection against direct- and indirect costs in hospital.

    Cant Afford Medical Aid – Unlike Medical Aids, they’re Affordable

    They are of particular value to low income earners and some are attractive enough so as to lure members away from medical schemes. Some hospital cash plans are really affordable, starting as low as R53 a month for a family.

    Hospital cash plans are a health insurance product and not be confused with a medical aid, but it can get you out of a whole lot of financial anguish if you are suddenly hospitalised without a plan in place, and they certainly deserve your careful consideration.

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