Who Should Consider Hospital Plans

    June 18, 2015

    Many people try and cut back financially when it comes to finding medical cover, only to discover later that they weren’t covered enough. People need to know the differences between the various medical packages. They need to know that a hospital plan is an option worth considering if they are battling to keep up with the ridiculously high premiums of comprehensive medical aids.

    Many medical aid schemes have hospital plans incorporated into them, and Selfmed is one such scheme with their hospital plan being Selfmed MEDXXI. There are many other good medical schemes with hospital plans and you need to research which one would suit your lifestyle and budget best.

    Hospital PlanSometimes a Hospital Plan isn’t the Right Choice

    Hospital plans are not always the right or best solutions for people seeking medical cover. If you are a young family with young children, you might find that getting a more comprehensive medical scheme would be a better idea for total protection of the family. This applies to old people too.

    Old people are more prone to certain diseases and they may even develop hereditary health problems. It makes sense to have a medical aid because they would never be able to foot the enormous medical bills they might face without medical aid assistance.

    Who suits Hospital Plans then?

    A hospital plan is basically that – it applies when hospitalisation is needed, whether it is an operation or an accident – anything serious enough that requires hospitalisation. The benefits amount to just as much as what you are willing to pay. You need to research Hospital Plans in South Africathe hospital plan that will benefit you. For instance, with Selfmed MEDXXI, you will currently pay around R1400 a month and get unlimited hospitalisation cover.

    Often medical specialists charge double the prescribed rates, but Selfmed’s plan protects you like a safety net. You won’t find any nasty crippling medical bills with hospitalisation for some time. A benefit with this hospital plan is that 25 PMB chronic conditions are covered as well.

    You’ll Know when to Upgrade

    With a hospital plan, you will need to cover your everyday medical expenses by budgeting for them and if you go for regular check-ups with your doctor, you will soon know whether you need to upgrade your medical cover.

    Keep healthy

    By taking good care of your health, you can hold on to your hospital plan longer. This means avoiding smoking, eating nutritional foods, exercising, and generally prolonging the need to convert to more comprehensive health cover.

    Some medical aids provide incentives for their members. They offer them discounts on air tickets, entry to the movies, loyalty rewards and so on. Selfmed has rather chosen to structure their medical plans in such a way that their members aren’t forking out on these ‘useless’ Hospital Symbolactivities. Members have peace and mind knowing their medical needs are taken care of over the lifestyle perks that many don’t ever get around to.
    Many of the young and the healthy have been postponing taking out comprehensive medical aids. They’ll so so when they start a family or when their financial situation allows them to upgrade to something more comprehensive.

    An Alternative worth Considering

    Full medical cover has become so expensive that there are only a handful of South Africans who can afford it. Hospital plans are enjoying increased popularity as a result, and they provide peace of mind that in an emergency, you won’t have to first sell your house to pay for a day or two in a Mediclinic or such like.

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