Discovery Health Has A Medical Aid Plan For Everyone

    September 18, 2020

    Discovery Health is a medical scheme operating under the Medical Schemes Act. It is a subsidiary of Discovery, a shared value insurance company with more than five million clients. Though based in South Africa, Discovery has operations in other parts of the world- the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. In South Africa, Discovery health as a medical aid plan for everyone.

    Their experience in the South African market has enabled Discovery to develop a wide range of products for different niches. Their plans are designed to meet varied health needs of workers in different stages of life and their careers. You will have more than 20 plans to choose from when you search through Discovery’s products. You also have the option of simply requesting a quote via email. Below is a summary of their key offerings:

    Executive Plan

    This is the best option for middle to high-income earners who are looking for comprehensive healthcare. It offers extensive cover for both day-to-day treatment and in-hospital care. As an executive plan member, you will be entitled to treatment at any hospital- private and public. You can even be admitted to a private ward and not have to worry about the bills.A Medical Aid Plan for Everyone from Discovery Health

    You will be covered for all types of medication, including medicines for chronic conditions. If you are expecting a child, you will be covered for comprehensive pre and postnatal care. Early childhood treatment, including immunisation, will also be covered.

    Even when your medical savings account runs out, the day-to-day extender benefit will ensure you’re still covered.

    You can also seek specialised treatment outside South Africa under the Global Treatment Platform. With this benefit you can get treatment costing up to $1 million.

    Comprehensive Series

    This range of plans offers comprehensive care in terms of day-to-day care, in-hospital treatment and cover for chronic illnesses. You will get full cover when you seek treatment from specialists and practitioners within the Discovery network. For those not in the network you will be covered up to 200 percent of the Discovery Health Rate.

    You will also have full cover for conditions in the chronic disease list. Pre and postnatal care, along with early childhood care are fully covered in this range of plans.

    For some of the plans in this range, the day-to-day extender benefit applies. The extender also applies for the consultation visits of the member’s dependents. In addition to this, Comprehensive Series members will have a high savings account with an unlimited above threshold benefit for outpatient care.

    A medical aid plan for everyone – Priority Series

    This series of plans offers more or less the same benefits as the Comprehensive Series but at a more affordable price. You will have full cover if you’re hospitalised with specialists in the Discovery network. You will be covered for up to 100 percent or 200 percent of the Discovery Health Rate if you visit facilities not listed by Discovery. The extent of your cover for non-Discovery heath centres will depend on which Priority plan you opt for.

    You will be covered for medication for chronic illnesses in the list as long as you get it from a MedXpress pharmacy.

    You will also be treated under these plans if you suffer a medical emergency while outside the country.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing