One Plan Health Plans

    August 4, 2020

    One Plan is a short-term insurance provider offering a wide range of products from car and household insurance to health insurance to pet insurance. They strive to offer South Africans of all walks access to affordable healthcare while taking away the complications that come with acquiring it.One Plan health plans are designed to give you access to private healthcare while making the claims process stress-free. All One Plan’s plans are underwritten by Bryte, an insurance company that has been in the ZA industry for more than a hundred years.

    There are four health plans under One Plan’s health insurance: Core Plan, Blue Plan, Professional Plan and Executive Plan. Core is the cheapest and Executive is the most expensive with a monthly contribution of just over R1,000.

    The One Plan Health Plans

    Core Plan: Under this basic plan, you are eligible for a surprisingly large number of benefits, considering the size of the monthly contribution. It combines some of the features you would expect to see in a life policy. These include:

    • Treatment for a life-threatening emergency without hospitalisation up to a defined limit.
    • GP visits up to a set amount per visit.
    • Procedures such as pathology examinations, radiology scans and dental visits up to a set limit.
    • Cover for medicines prescribed during treatment (not over the counter).
    • Up to three pre-natal visits per pregnancy. However, natural childbirth and Caesarian Section are not catered for in this plan.
    • Use of an ambulance to transport you during a medical emergency.
    • Over and above cover for medical treatment, you get benefits such as:
      • Costs of repatriating the remains of a beneficiary from outside the country to a specified limit.
      • Family death cover up to a specified limit per person. It includes death of an unborn child.
      • Compensation for disability from an accident up to a specified limit.


    Blue Plan: This plan offers a bit more cover than the Core plan in terms of the amounts compensated. It will also cover some forms of treatment that the Core Plan won’t. This includes treatment for illness that requires hospitalisation. There is also a ceiling to the amount that will be covered for such treatment under this plan.

    The Blue Plan will cover treatment for Dread Disease up to a certain amount every year. It will also allow you to be compensated for expenses related to childbirth; both natural and via Caesarian Section to a preset amount.

    Professional Plan: The Professional Plan offers a little more cover than the Blue Plan. You will have a higher limit, for instance, for the amount you can spend on prescribed medicines. You will also be able to spend more on pathology, optometry, radiology, dentistry and pre-birth care. While you will be able to afford better quality care under this plan, you still won’t be able to see a specialist under this plan. For this you will have to upgrade to the Executive Plan.

    Executive Plan: Under this plan you will not only have a higher limit for your GP visits, you will be covered for your visit to a specialist, should your GP refer you there. On top of this you will have higher limits for all the benefits mentioned in the first three plans.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing