Fedhealth flexiFED 1 is an Affordable Medical Aid Plan

    July 31, 2020

    Fedhealth flexiFED 1 is a hospital plan targeted at young South Africans just getting into the job market and looking to start families. Fedhealth is a registered medical aid. The plan offers families a good amount of cover but with premiums that take into account the fact that their income levels may be a little low. These low-income levels may not allow them to get quality healthcare whenever they, or their dependents, fall ill or suffer a serious injury. The fact that they are young and less likely to need frequent healthcare means that they will be less likely to file claims often. Fedhealth can therefore be able to offer them this affordable hospital plan to cater for their expenses.

    Fedhealth flexiFED 1 benefits

    Hospitalisation benefits

    • When you are hospitalised at any of the healthcare facilities in Fedhealth’s network, your treatment will be fully covered. Fedhealth’s network includes more than 100 well-equipped centers across the country.
    • You can visit facilities outside Fedhealth’s network, but you will be required to go with a co-payment for planned procedures.
    • You will be treated without having to go back into your pocket when you visit any of the general practitioners (GPs) or specialists in the Fedhealth network.
    • When you visit specialists or GPs who are outside the network, your treatment will be covered up to 100% of Fedhealth’s rate.
    • Comprehensive maternity cover within the Fedhealth network of providers.

    Tests and scans


    • Members are entitled to one HIV prick test once a year
    • They are also entitled to one preventative screening by a network provider every year.
    • If you’re more than 20 years of age, you’re entitled to one cholesterol screening every five years.
    • All a member’s family members will get free flu vaccination once a year.
    • Women aged between 21 and 65 will be entitled to one Pap smear every three years.


    Day-to-Day benefits

    Treatment for trauma at a casualty ward regardless of whether you’ve been admitted to the hospital or not. You will be required to make a small co-payment for conditions not among the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB).

    • Follow-up treatment after your hospitalisation will be covered for up to 30 days.
    • Female contraceptive medicines and devices are covered fully.
    • One audiology test per infant up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate.
    • Up to four consultations with a midwife according to the post-natal midwife benefit.
    • Post-hospitalisation medication for up to seven days per event.


    flexiFED membership options

    There are two flexiFED options for those who are interested in taking up membership. The first is the standard flexiFED 1 package for which you will pay a slightly higher monthly contribution than the flexiFED 1 Elect.

    flexiFED 1 Elect members and their beneficiaries will be entitled to slightly less benefits. For instance, for planned medical procedures, you will need to make a co-payment of R12,000 if you visit hospitals outside Fedhealth’s network. However, you should note that the co-payment will not apply in the event of emergency medical procedures. You can avoid having to make the co-payment by taking up medical gap cover.

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