OnePlan Core is the Cheapest Hospital Cover from OnePlan

    September 29, 2019

    The OnePlan Core costs for 2019 are as follows:

    SINGLE   R 365
    Single Insured + 1 Child R 614
    Single Insured + 2 Children R 852
    Single Insured + 3 Children R 1 061
    Single Insured + 4 Children R 1 255
    COUPLE R 708
    Couple + 1 Child R 951
    Couple + 2 Children R 1 172
    Couple + 3 Children R 1 382
    Couple + 4 Children R 1 582
    OnePlan Core Prices - Cheap Health Insurance

    More About OnePlan Core

    Here is what the OnePlan Core option includes:
    • General Practitioner (Doctor)
      Up to R 320 per visit
    • Scripted Medication
      Up to R145 per script. Paid through Mediscor electronic claim system. No over counter medication.
    • Pathology
      Up to R405 per event.
    • Radiology
      Up to R405 per event.
    • Dentistry
      Up to R550 per visit. Max of 3 visits a year.
    • (Specialist Cover   NOT COVERED ON THIS PLAN.)
    • Maternity Pre Birth
      Up to R555 per visit. 3 Visits per Pregnancy. Annual limit of R 1670.
    • Optometry
      Up to R950 – Limited to claim this every 24 months per dependant.
    • Casualty Illness
      Up to R4900 for life threatening emergency illness in casualty units. Excess:4 months plus – R200
    • Casualty Accident
      Up to R4900 for accident events in casualty units that does not result in admission. Excess:0-3 Months – 15 % | 4 months plus -R200
    • Accident Cover
      Up to R140 000 per insured event. Up to R280 000 per family per event. Excess: R600 | Contact sport -15% of claim amount (12 months waiting period).
    • Illness In Hospital
      Not Covered on this plan
    • Dread Disease
      Not Covered on this plan
    • Natural Birth and Emergency Caesareans
      Not Covered on this plan
    • Accident Disability
      Up to R180 000 for the duration of the policy. only principal insured is covered.
    • Family Death Cover
      Principal Insured: R7 500 | Spouse/Partner:R7 500 | Children 14-21 yrs:R7 500 Children 6-13 yrs R3 750 | Children 1-5 yrs R1 850 Children unborn(28 weeks) to 0 yrs: R1 100
    • Trauma,Assault and Accidental HIV
      Trauma and assault counselling, Accidental HIV protection services. Accidental HIV infection treatment.
    • Repatriation
      Up to R12 200 per insured person. Repatriation of mortal remains to funeral home.
    • Ambulance and Emergency Services
      24 hr Medical assistance with an emergency dedicated line. In the event of a justifiable,life-threatening medical emergency, the insured will be transported by ambulance to the nearest appropriate medical facility.
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