Quote from Discovery for a Hospital Plan

    April 5, 2017

    The search for good hospital plans is on. This is because South Africans can no longer afford the huge premiums they pay each month for their comprehensive medical aid plan. Here we will have a look at a quote from Discovery for a hospital plan.

    The best hospital plans are available from leading medical schemes of South Africa, of which Discovery Health is one. Your quote for medical care will be coming from South Africa’s largest medical scheme.

    Medical Scheme Hospital Plans the Wisest Choice

    Quote From DiscoveryDiscovery Health offers a diverse range of health plans, all with unlimited private hospital cover and other benefits too which will suit your pocket.   Medical aid scheme hospital plans are preferable to insurance company hospital plans simply because they have to cover a wide range of treatments which include Prescribed Minimum Benefits for hundreds of conditions.

    Affordable Hospital Plans to Those with Additional Cover

    When you start looking for a quote from Discovery for a hospital plan, you’ll –

    • Quickly discover that the medical scheme’s KeyCare Core, Access and Plus plans are the most affordable, but still give you private hospital cover. These hospital plans are worth a look at because they also offer up to 200% of Discovery’s Health tariff for healthcare professionals.
    • A quote from Discovery for their hospital plans will include their Coastal Saver which also provides some useful out-of-hospital benefits through a savings account. This cover also includes no overall limit hospitalisation as well as international emergency travel.
    • There are South Africans who like to get a quote for some of the more expensive Discovery hospital plans. The top hospital plan with Discovery is their Executive plan. With this plan, you get unlimited cover in any private hospital. As well as guaranteed full cover in the hospital for specialists who Discovery have a payment arrangement with. You get up to 300% of the Discovery Health Rate for those doctors Discovery doesn’t have an arrangement with.


    Apart from full cover for approved chronic medicine for all chronic conditions as well as additional cover for when your medical savings account runs out, there is far more to this hospital plan. For these host of benefits, the main member will pay R5 544 a month.

    A Quote Costs You Nothing – Quote from Discovery

    What do you want from Discovery Health? Full medical aid or just cover when you’re hospitalised? Certainly getting quotes from South Africa’s leading medical scheme has never been easier. And more hassle free and the best part is, getting quote costs you nothing.

    Your Medical Needs will first be Evaluated – Quote from Discovery

    If you’re not sure what kind of plan would suit you, call Discovery Health. They’ve got expert financial advisers who will assess your particular medical aid needs and guide you into finding suitable cover. They’ll give you information on all their plans. And how savings plans, comprehensive plans, hospital plans, and much more all work.

    Whichever plan you’re interested in from Discovery, the medical scheme will require some details from you so as to prepare an instant quote on 3 Discovery Health plans. On their website, they tell you that once you have selected a plan, you will need to provide them with some information and documentation, among which will be your most recent bank statements.

    When choosing a medical aid for employees, it’s a good idea to focus on the key financial indices that point to the ability of the provider to pay claims.

    When you request a quote from Discovery Health or any other medical scheme for a hospital plan. You’ll see many comparison sites provide full details of the different plans offered by each scheme. Which includes their special benefits, their credit ratings as well as other important metrics.

    Discovery Health is always included in their quote recommendations. As their broad range of offerings suits families, individuals, professionals and retirees as well as the sick and the healthy.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing