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    March 27, 2017

    Here is some Discovery Health hospital plan info that may assist you in deciding what you need.

    Discovery Health is one of the leading healthcare providers in South Africa so you are in safe hands.

    It’s a name that has been around since Ma fell off the bus (and they helped her even then).

    It’s also a very much trusted brand. Look at some of the plans below.

    There are six basic hospital plans to choose from when it comes to the Core range offered by Discovery Health.

    Find what You need with Discovery Health hospital plan info

    Discovery Health hospital plan infoThe Core range of plans include:

    • Classic Core
    • The Classic Delta Core Network Option
    • Essential Core
    • The Essential Delta Core Network Option
    • Coastal Core
    • The KeyCare Core Network Option

    What is Covered?

    Each plan offers different benefits, and so you will need to see which work best for you. You can claim for the cost of surgery and the anaesthetist as well. There is one requirement, you must get authorisation from Discovery before you go into the hospital.

    Extension to cover for trauma units and outpatients if it results in hospitalisation.

    Discovery Health hospital plan info – What you Need to Know 

    Discovery Health has made arrangements with certain specialists which offer 100% cover if you choose to consult with specialists within the network.

    If Discovery has no arrangement in place with the specialists, they are allowed to charge you whatever rate is higher. Should this happen, Discovery will pay out regarding pre-determined standard medical aid rates.

    You would have to pay in any amount that exceeds this basic cover.

    Prescribed minimum Benefits

    According to law, you are entitled to cover for the conditions considered by law to be chronic. You are covered for HIV/ Aids and cancer treatments.

    Some of the plans will cover select medical charges incurred outside of South Africa. (KeyCare Core is not one of these.)

    Unlimited benefits

    There are no limitations regarding cover yet, but the actual amount Discovery Health will pay out depends on what plan you are on. The Classic Core and Classic Delta core plans pay out up to double the standard medical aid tariffs. The other plans pay out 100% of the standard medical aid tariffs.

    Any amount charged over and above these rates is for your account.

    Upgrading or Downgrading your Account

    If you want to lower the amount of cover, you can do so with a month’s notice. Upgrading the plan is a little more difficult and can only be done in January every year.

    What do They mean by Coastal?

    These plans are for members who live at the coast in particular. Should you get treatment at a hospital that is situated inland, Discovery will only pay 70% of their standard rate. (Emergency treatment is the exception here, though.)

    The reason for this is to help reduce premiums. You will pay less for being a member of one of the coastal plans. That said, however, it does pay to be careful when it comes to taking out these coastal plans.

    If you are moving further inland, for example, it might pay you to convert to a different plan so that you can retain your full benefits.

    Claiming from Discovery Health

    The claims process is simple. In most instances, the hospital or doctor will submit their invoice directly to Discovery Health.

    If they do not, you will need to complete a form and submit supporting documents.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing