Hospital Plans for Domestic Workers

    March 6, 2017

    Do you employ domestic workers?

    Would you like to offer them some real-life benefits?

    Well now you can from as little as R95 a month!

    Overview of Hospital plans for Domestic Workers

    Domestic workers, cleaners and also gardeners all contribute to the South African economy.

    They are in the low-income bracket but should be able to enjoy the lifestyle benefits normally only bestowed on higher income earners.

    Domestic WorkersThey face hurdles on a daily basis to earn their living.

    Commuting is not only dangerous, but it is also expensive and time-consuming.

    Now employers can ensure that their staff too can enjoy affordable lifestyle insurance.

    The MadeSure Home Lifestyle Protector Plan

    At the cost of R95 a month, not only does MadeSure offer funeral cover, but it also provides a five-dimensional insurance package that is available to all employees.

    The MadeSure Home Lifestyle Protector Plus Plan

    The Protector Plus option costs R195 a month and includes R200 airtime.


    • Employees do not need work permits
    • No medical certificate is required
    • Policies are available to all foreign nationals



    • A Hospital Cash Plan covers accidental injury and pays up to R1,000 a day for up to 14 days annually (the waiting period is a mere 48 hours)
    • Emergency medical care is available 24/7
    • A Guaranteed Hospital Cash Back Plan worth R7 500
    • Emergency transportation up to a limit of R100 000
    • Life support machinery up to R100 000
    • Also, a rehabilitation programme that covers up to R75 000 to train employees to perform other tasks if unable to continue with their previous occupations



    It is a fact of life that the majority of South African workers do not earn enough to finance comfortable lifestyles.

    They also rely mainly on funeral plans and “stokvels” to help them financially in times of need.

    Their daily lives are filled with the stress of costly and often dangerous commutes to and from their places of employment.

    MadeSure Protector insurance products provide a safety net.

    So apart from the funeral cover, hospital cash back, income protection and cell time, there are 16 other benefits included in the cover.

    Also underwritten by Guardrisk, MadeSure states that its unique approach to safeguarding the financial well-being of South Africa’s workforce endorses its lifestyle insurance cover which is a first of its kind in the country.

    So this lifestyle insurance offers employers an affordable solution to ensuring the financial welfare of their workers.

    Other perks

    • Policy payments are tax deductible
    • It offers free R200 airtime as another incentive
    • It will help build staff satisfaction and loyalty
    • Also, it eliminates the financial burden following injury or death


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    All info was correct at time of publishing