Why Diabetics Should Consider Hospital Plans

    March 6, 2017

    One person will die every nine minutes. They will discover three new cases every 10 seconds. What is this condition? Diabetes. There are now over 420 million diabetics worldwide. It is a growing lifestyle disease that needs to be diagnosed and managed in its early stages to avoid severe complications or loss of life. There are some health conditions that you need to manage.

    Diabetics beware of Heart attacks and strokes 

    This is the leading cause of death among diabetics. Unstable insulin levels result in high blood sugar levels. Fatty deposits build up in blood vessels which thicken and harden. This, in turn, leads to blood flow blockages, accelerating the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

    Kidney failure

    Diabetics and Hospital PlansDiabetes is the main cause of kidney failure and high blood pressure.

    Loss of vision

    Diabetes affects the retina in the eye, leading to vision problems or even complete loss of sight. It also causes glaucoma and cataracts.


    Many people with diabetes have to undergo amputations of their limbs because of blocked blood vessels. A small scratch, if left untreated, can also lead to gangrene.

    Hospital Plans

    There are some South African insurance companies offering hospital plan cover for diabetics. This form of insurance is affordable and offers financial back-up for diabetic sufferers in times of need.

    Example One

    Discovery Health has a product that they call DiabetesCare to help diabetics manage their health condition.

    DiabeticCare has four main elements:

    • Coordinated care from a network of doctors with a 20% co-payment if policyholders choose to use doctors outside of the network
    • Consultation with a bio-kinetic specialist
    • Consultation with a dietician
    • Option to join the science-based Vitality programme to monitor weight loss and physical exercise (at an additional cost)

    Example Two

    With premiums starting at an affordable R130 a month, All Life’s Comprehensive Diabetics Cover ensures both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics for both death and disability.

    According to the company, applicants face no application forms, no waiting periods, no complicated medical underwriting and no fine print. The product is designed to assist people living with diabetes to live fully, healthy and happy lives. One of its innovations is its timely reminder programme which alerts policyholders when they have to undergo medical tests to monitor their health.

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