Keyhealth have locked down a great healthcare plan.

    May 10, 2017

    Among the many extras of Keyhealth medical aid are Easy ER, Smart Baby, screening tests and health boosters.

    Keyhealth has a range of healthcare products that cover almost every health need.

    Scheme options from Keyhealth medical aid:

    • Essence: An entry level hospital plan with day to day cover,
    • Equilibrium: A day to day plan using a savings account and in-hospital cover.
    • Silver: A mid-level option with a lot of day to day cover plus 100% of tariff in-hospital care.
    • Gold: Consists of a savings account, good day to day cover and unlimited in-hospital costs.
    • Platinum: A complete option with full maternity and many other extras.


    Keyhealth medical aid

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