Engen medical Aid for the Engen employee.

    February 4, 2017

    The Engen medical aid scheme is only open to Engen employees, and their families.

    Engen employees must belong to this scheme unless they are part of their partners medical cover.

    Engen medical Aid and What you Get

    Engen Medical Aid

    The two main benefits, Insured and Day to Day, are both covered by the plan. However, each carries its diverse types of policy cover.

    Insured benefits consist of chemo, confinement, optical care, chronic medicine, hospital care and more.

    Day to day benefits entail payment of costs to specialists and doctors outside of a hospital.

    Engen medical aid is modern in its approach to healthcare. Therefore, it has easy and quick online access to customer advice and queries through a current and updated website.

    Complete and submit our medical aid quote form today to secure your health!

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