Who is GEMS medical aid?

    February 4, 2017

    GEMS Medical Aid (Government Employees Medical Scheme). A health care plan approved by Cabinet in 2002.

    The plan consists of Onyx, Emerald, Emerald Value, Ruby, Beryl and Sapphire options.

    GEMS medical Aid categories

    • GEMS Medical AidSapphire – Is an entry level option that covers out of hospital visits to the optometrist, dentist and doctor. Maternity care is through private clinics and in hospital visits at public health venues.
    • Beryl – Treatment only at GEMS network approved healthcare doctors.
    • Ruby – A Block Benefit, hospital plan and a PMSA.
    • Emerald Value – The GP must be on the approved GEMS network list. However, hospital use must be a Hospital Network on the Emerald Value list.
    • Emerald – For special treatment.
    • Onyx – A network of chemists and GPs who comply with Gems rates.


    GEMS therefore, offer you all that a major healthcare firm offers. Furthermore, the plan has the backing of the cabinet.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing