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    January 30, 2017

    Topmed, established in 1972 and a household name among many South Africans, is well-known for their medical aid schemes but they also offer several affordable plans. Here we will look at a Topmed medical plan.

    This company utilises the expertise and industry strengths, providing tailor-made products to meet the growing needs of prospective clients.

    And Topmed has innovatively partnered with other service providers to ensure that members receive value for money as well as service excellence.


    TopMed Medical Plan

    Topmed Medical PlanNB! Effective 1 January 2017, TopMed Hospital is changing to TopMed Essential.

    TopMed Hospital Plan being an introductory hospital only plan does not make provision for Day-to-Day benefits.

    It’s a plan for individuals who enjoy excellent health and who prefer taking care of their out-of-hospital expenses as long as they have the surety that they have cover from a plan such as this, for hospitalisation as a result of unfortunate medical incidents.

    This plan only covers hospitalisation costs of members admitted to hospital within the Topmed group of hospitals.


    Topmed Hospital Benefits

    It is obligatory for pre-authorisation, before the commencement of any In-Hospital treatment or any clinical procedure for this plan’s benefits to apply.

    It is crucial for members to be aware of the fact that benefits are forfeited if the necessary pre-authorisation is not obtained within two business days after an emergency admittance.


    Listed below are some of the major benefits provided for by the Topmed medical plan:

    • In hospital ONLY treatment of infections regardless of its origin, hospitalisation for psychiatric reasons, dentistry and lastly, it covers the medication given to patients upon discharge;
    • In hospital healthcare treatment by experts and full cover of their accounts;
    • Payment for Chronic Conditions medication
    • It also includes wellness benefits
    • This plan also covers Radiology and pathology treatment;
    • Cover for the provision of supplemental health care services to patients, for the benefit of supporting the diagnosis and treatment of those conditions BUT on condition that it has been authorised
    • Also covered are confinement and maternity programmes
    • It also covers Maxillofacial surgeries
    • A very beneficial insurance is provided for members travelling overseas;
    • Vital ambulance services if required and
    • Cover for Case and Disease Management.


    Monthly Contributions

    Below is the Topmed Hospital monthly contribution:

    The main member will have to pay R1 458

    For an Adult dependant, it will be R1 174

    And for a Student/minor dependent, it will be R592


    For More Information

    So if the Topmed Medical Plan interests you or for assistance on any other Topmed Healthcare plan, we recommend that a quote or more information be requested from them.


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