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    If you’ve been confined to a hospital bed for weeks on end or awoke one morning to find yourself unable to get out of bed, you’ll realise what a magnificent gift good health is. In South Africa, having had a stroke and landing up in one of the state hospitals is like a death sentence.

    If you can’t afford comprehensive medical aid from the likes of private health insurance companies such as Discovery Health or Fedhealth, then cheap hospital plans such as the Spectramed hospital plan is an excellent alternative. Pharos Medical Plan has Footprint Primary, a cheap entry level hospital plan. If you earn less than R7500 a month for instance with Pharos, you may even qualify for a 50% reduction with Pharos.

    Spectramed Hospital PlanSpectramed Hospital Plan

    It is always a good idea to compare what benefits Spectramed Hospital Plan can offer against what Discovery medical aid hospital plan can offer and compare them with Pharos, Bonitas, Fedhealth and other hospital plans.

    Understand the differences between insurance companies and medical aid schemes. Each are covered by different sets of legislation and where medical aid is a non-profit scheme and offers indemnity cover, insurance is a sum insured for a particular event. Remember that while the options offered by commercial long-term insurance companies is often cheaper, they lack some of the essential benefits that you’d get from a dedicated medical scheme. A Spectramed hospital plan covers a lot because Spectramed is a registered medical aid scheme.

    Research on the Internet will reveal that there is an extensive comparison of the best hospital cover plans from reputable medical aid providers in the country. Health insurance companies are often used with your medical aid to cover any shortfalls you have.

    Health Insurance Comparison

    Launched in 1997 as a commercial scheme, Spectramed hospital plan is a popular choice because it is cost effective but it still offers all the appropriate benefits. The Spectramed hospital plan offers 5 healthcare plans – Spectra Cobalt, Azure, Aqua, Cyan and Capri. Cobalt offers comprehensive cover made up of a general hospital plan and day-to-day medical expenses, unlike the

    Fedhealth hospital plan which doesn’t cover day-to-day medical expenses. Fedhealth also doesn’t offer benefits including dental and optometrist services. In spite of this they offer excellent and affordable medical attention for emergencies. Spectra Aqua is Spectramed’s straightforward hospital plan. It is ideal for those who are reasonably healthy but who want to know that in the event of an emergency they are covered. All instances of hospitalisation with Spectramed Hospital Plan need to be authorised and all in-hospital benefits will be covered.

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    Members of Discovery Health hospital plan will also need to obtain pre-authorisation for a planned procedure and need to contact Discovery Health at least 48 hours before their hospital admission. Not only that with the Discovery Hospital Plan you may discover that Discovery’s hospital plan may not pay for your treatment in full and that some expenses such as certain procedures as well as private ward cover may not be covered. You may also find that some procedures or dental treatment may incur co-payments . Bonitas Hospital Plan not only can promise their members access to a professional network of medical experts, but unlike Discovery Medical Aid and its hospital plan, Bonitas ensure no co-payments for their hospital plans.

    Check Out Medical Scheme Comparison Tools

    The Internet offers medical scheme information tools where you can choose and compare two medical schemes and their hospital plans. Choose Discovery Health and Spectramed Hospital Plan as an example and view their benefits side by side. Each benefit offered is rated so that you can quickly see which plan offers benefits and premiums suited to your unique needs.

    50 Years of worth of Industry Experience and Knowledge

    Spectramed is a well known medical aid name in South Africa and its medical aid programmes along with their Spectramed Hospital Plan allows for savings, and for cash strapped South Africans, that is a huge drawcard. The scheme presents their members with next generation healthcare; a combination of old and new benefits which means superb hybrid healthcare options that offer its member a host of unique benefits.

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