Bonitas Hospital Plans

    August 21, 2014

    So you heard someone recommend Bonitas hospital plans. Do you know what your options are when looking for a basic hospital plan for you and your family? To start, you need to do a proper comparison of what you are currently being offered. Let’s look at a few – Fedhealth, Liberty, Discovery, Medihelp, and Momentum; and compare it to Bonitas hospital plans:

    Fedhealth hospital plan

    Fedhealth has a fairly good reputation and offers comprehensive in-hospital cover with all of their hospital plans. Their cheapest plan is called the Maxima Entry Zone available from R962 per month. Bonitas Hospital PlansThis plan guarantees unlimited in-hospital cover provided you attend one of the Network Hospitals. Unlike most cheap hospital plans, with Fedhealth there is a “risk” benefit which covers an emergency casualty. Similar to Bonitas hospital plans, but with less limitations.

    Liberty hospital plan

    Liberty has two lower income options:

    –          Bona Plus which has an annual limit per month.

    –          What appears to be a better option is their Hospital Select plan. Hospital Select covers 100% LMS rates (company agreed rates with the service providers). This is valid within a network of particular hospitals. The monthly fee starts at a fairly reasonable price. You can make a further comparison by filling in our quote form.

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    Medihelp hospital plan

    Medihelp, much like the Bonitas hospital plan, offers limitations on specific procedures; but the general in-hospital costs are covered without any limits.

    A plan called Necesse network also works on a sliding scale according to how much income you earn.

    Another plan, Dimension Prime 1, may be a second option here. It’s a fixed amount not related to income. Dimension Prime 1 has a few co-payments for selected procedures.

    Momentum hospital plan

    The Ingwe Option from Momentum not only gives you premium options according to your income, but also lets you choose according to the type of hospital. You choose your premium by selecting either a state hospital, network hospital—or if you prefer no limitations—any hospital.

    Costs start at a very low monthly premium if you earn less than a certain amount per month. Hospitalisation is limited to R1 000 000 per annum.

    Discovery hospital plan

    With Discovery medical aid you again have a plan that has a sliding premium according to the income you earn. These are all linked to their Core, Access and Plus plans. The in-hospital cover is unlimited and they also cover blood tests and x-rays. Discovery Vitality used to be what drew most clientele to Discovery, but Momentum, Liberty, and others now also offer reward programs.

    Bonitas hospital plans

    Back to the Bonitas hospital plans: It seems like there are cheaper options available if your income is limited, but some of the other companies offer more cover. If you still need some help, complete the form to the left for a selection of hospital plan quotes. By doing this, you can compare all of the above mentioned companies and find the best rate. Make sure you do this according to what your specific needs are.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing