The Discovery Saver Series of Hospital Plans

    People in South Africa who enjoy good health find that the best hospital plans meet their needs. These hospital plans are more affordable option when you compare them to the regular medical aid scheme. You should take a look at the Discovery Saver Series of hospital plans when searching for hospital cover.

    Discovery Health offers excellent hospital plans. They are South Africa’s biggest medical scheme; they have an AA+ global credit rating and say they that the member’s contributions are on average 14,5% lower than that of other medical aids. One of their products is the Discovery Saver Series.

    Discovery Saver Series of Hospital Plans

    • The Discovery Saver Series offers five health plan options – Essential, Essential Delta, Coastal, Classic Delta and Classic. Currently, the premium per month on the Classic Plan is R 2 344 and while Essential Delta is R1 487per month.
    • Cost-effective in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover.
    • Unlimited cover in any private hospital – up to 200% on Classic Plans and 100% on Essential and Coastal Plans.
    • Guaranteed full cover in hospital – no overall limit for hospital cover. On the Classical and Essential Plan, you can make use of any private hospital. On Coastal and Delta, you need to go to Discovery’s network of hospitals.Discovery Saver Series
    • Some in-hospital healthcare services do have an annual limit – some of these are –
      – Cochlear implants
      – Hip, knee and shoulder joint prostheses – no overall limit if you get your prosthesis from Discovery’s preferred suppliers.
      – Mental health, alcohol and drug rehabilitation – 21 days for each person
    • Cover for medical emergencies when travelling.

    More Discovery Saver Series Benefits

    • Full cover for chronic medicine – Discovery pays in full those medicines on the Scheme’s medicine list. With diabetes, for instance, you register for the Chronic Illness Benefit for diabetes, Discovery pays for approved Bluetooth-enabled glucose monitoring devices and test strips. With cover for HIV and AIDS, when you register for the HIV Care Programme, you are covered care and get access to excellent, cost-effective treatment. They cover approved medicines on their medicine list in full. To avoid co-payments you will need to get your medicine from a designated service provider.


    Even More Benefits

    • Savings account for your day-to-day health care needs plus extra cover when your Medical Savings Account runs out. Any unused funds are carried over to the next year. With other plans you lose any unused cover.
    • The Screening and Prevention Benefit – this benefit cover the likes of cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure at a Discovery Wellness Network provider. You can also benefit from a pap smear, mammogram, prostate screening test and HIV screening tests. Those who are over 65 years of age can also benefit from a seasonal flu vaccine.
    • Severe dental and oral surgery – covers a defined list of procedures. There isn’t an upfront payment and also no overall limit. With other dental treatment in a hospital, you’ll need to pay some of your hospital accounts first before certain dental admissions. Discovery will pay the balance of the hospital account from your Hospital Benefit, up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate.


    Get Answers

    What cover will work best for you? What can you afford each month? Will a hospital plan suit you and if yes, do you want your hospital plan to cover you 100 or 200% of the medical aid rate?

    There are always lots of questions you want answers for, and Discovery Health has specialists who can guide you to make a sound decision that will suit your budget and your family’s needs. You are also welcome to fill in Discovery’s Quote Request form so that the appropriate person can get back to you.

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