Discovery Medical Aid Hospital Plan

    July 31, 2014

    You have a number of choices when it comes to getting a hospital plan, rather than a medical aid such as Discovery medical aid that covers you comprehensively inside and outside hospital. A Discovery medical aid hospital plan may be the answer.

    If you are on a low-income scale, it is best to go with the lowest-cost basic plan. Choose this if you have good health at the moment, because you are unlikely to require day-by-day benefits or cover for ongoing sickness. Your basic benefits will be for unexpected times when you are admitted to hospital.

    Basic Discovery Medical Aid Hospital Plan

    A basic Discovery Medical Aid hospital plan will pay, or help pay, for all your medical bills that generate from your stay in hospital – such as surgery and medicines. These soon add up! Depending on your plan, a certain percentage of the costs will be paid.

    Discovery Medical Aid Hospital PlanDo remember, though, that Discovery works hard to keep costs down. They do this partly by having a network of hospitals and specialists that you use as part of your Discovery Plan. Discovery Medical Aid makes agreements with hospitals, specialists and GPs, to keep costs low. If you don’t use the services from the network, you will have to pay for the costs yourself.

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    While hospital-only plans may look attractive, you may want to choose a more comprehensive Discovery medical aid option if you have a family. The children’s doctor and other visits soon mount up.

    You will need to think about different factors if you are on a limited budget. To figure out your best option, work out how much, on average, you have used hospitals and other health services during the last 12 months, and see how much this equates to monthly. Consider visits you or family members might have needed to make to dentists, optometrists, other specialists or GPs. Factor in the fact that Discovery plans also include up to 21 days in facilities for drug and alcohol addiction or for mental health disorders.

    If you are expecting a baby, hospital cover is important and will give you the reassurance that you and your baby will get the best care. Consider a Discovery Medical Aid hospital plan that includes costs for both the birth of the baby and care up to 12 months. Discovery also provides a bag of important goodies for your baby when he/she is born.

    Discovery Vitality

    You might like to include our Vitality programme with a hospital programme. This programme rewards you for healthy lifestyle activities that prevent illness in the first place, so that you are less likely to be admitted to hospital. It includes, for instance, rewards that get you exercising and so reduce your heart- and other chronic disease risk.

    Choose a Discovery Medical Aid hospital plan or check out an alternative registered medical aid scheme to compare the value we provide. Medical schemes are always preferable to insurance companies. In South Africa, the Medical Schemes Act makes sure that Discovery offers medical aid, including hospital care, and a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits for over 300 conditions, including 27 chronic illnesses.


    Rest assured that, with a Discovery Medical Aid hospital plan, you will always have your medical charges paid, because is the largest medical scheme in South Africa. As a prominent and financially solid organisation with over R9 billion in reserve, you can feel confident in our ability to pay for your care.

    Whether you are thinking whether a Discovery Medical Aid hospital plan or other plans are for you, we encourage you to look at other medical aid providers as well. Get a quotation by completing the form on this page.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing