What is Carecross?

    February 23, 2016

    CareCross was established in 1998, and today they have diversified into a number of health care sectors so that they can continue providing quality health care to all South Africans. Their focus is on bringing affordable health care to all with their trusted partnerships. CareCross has been successful with their efforts to help ease the burden on the nation’s overstretched health care management sector, and with their 2 network options – CareCross Health and ONECARE Health, patients benefit from health care that suits them.

    CareCross provides affordable and quality health care through their network of GPs, dentists and optometrists. Practitioners who participate with this health group will also be able to grow their practice and enjoy all the benefits that come from being part of a recognizable network and brand.

    Occupational Health Solutions

    Every job-place in South Africa needs to provide facilities for their employees for the treatment CareCross Health Logoor prevention of disease, and with their joint initiative with OCSA, CareCross Health administers 2 occupational health solutions which use the private medical practitioners of this leading Health Group.

    The group has its own provider network, ONECARE Health, offering premium healthcare to the middle income market. CareCross Health has also built strong relationships with a number of medical schemes, administering more than 15 plan options for these particular medical schemes. Some of these medical schemes are –

    CareCross Health as well as its subsidiaries also has a corporate client base, including household names like Anglo-American, FNB, General Motors, Sappi, Standard Bank and Woolworths.

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    Affordable Health Care for All

    The CareCross Health option provides low-cost health care to lower- and middle-income earners and is based on a network of some 2 000 general practitioners as well as thousands of professionals offering health care such as specialists, optometrists, cardiologists and optometrists throughout the southern part of Africa.

    All facilities associated with the group ensure delivery of quality health care at the most affordable costs. CareCross Health was actually developed because of rising medical costs in South Africa, with the main objective being to provide core health care cover.

    The aim of this healthcare group is to bring affordable health care to all South Africans. Their medical schemes who have partnered with CareCross ensure that their millions of members are able to benefit from quality health care. It is able to assist with all the challenges that the health care industry is busy facing such as rising costs. They further address challenges by building relationships with providers, managing disease and developing IT systems.

    CareCross Health Care at the Tips of Your Fingers

    CareCross Health products are available through those corporate clients who provide medical care for their own employees, but also through their medical scheme partners as a medical option. You can find CareCross doctors by looking on the website and using the doctor search facility. Members are also free to call the Health Client Services Centre on 0860 103 491 for any kind of assistance. In fact, if you want to know anything about CareCross you can call them on the above-mentioned number or even email them at clientfocus@carecross.co.za.

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