Liberty Hospital Plan Info

    January 14, 2015

    The Liberty Medical Scheme, as one of several institutions offering medical insurance plans in South Africa, also has a specific Liberty hospital plan, including three different options.

    In South Africa, due to the economic and political circumstances being in a developing phase for a large portion of the population, health care plans in general, but specifically cheap hospital plans are popular.

    1. Hospital plans South Africa

    Hospital plan insurance is gradually becoming more popular in South Africa, as a strong middle class is starting to develop and as they are starting to contribute to the country’s economics in a positive way as well. Hospital plans are good options, since they cover hospitalisation, often even without any limits. A hospital plan of course do not cover day-to-day medical expenses, but when having to consider a restricted budget, the covering of hospitalisation is the most important.

    1. About Liberty Health

    Liberty Health has as vision to treat their members with respect and to take care of each member’s health problems, as well as offering support during the time of recovering. Liberty Medical Scheme options are vast, and after personal suggestion and advice from Liberty Health personnel, personalized for each individual’s needs and budget. The Liberty hospital plan includes three options, all of them to be recommended.

    1. What Liberty hospital plan offers

    Liberty Hospital PlanThe first two options of the Liberty hospital plans are quite similar. The first option of the Liberty hospital plan possibilities, is the ‘Hospital Select’ option. In this option, the member only pays for what he/she needs. There is therefore no savings or day-to-day covering in this Liberty hospital plan.

    The second option of the Liberty hospital plan possibilities, is the ‘Hospital Standard’ option. This plan is meant for the person who starts his life, either as a student, as someone just starting his/her career, or as someone starting his/her family life. Again, like in the first option of Liberty hospital plan, the member only has to pay for what he/she needs. The difference is though that this plan includes generous cover, as well as the fact that the member has more freedom to decide upon for example hospitals which will be covered by the Liberty hospital plan. Therefore this is the best hospital plan for the member who is beginning his/her new life independently.

    The third option from the Liberty hospital plan possibilities, is the ‘Hospital Plus’ option. This option is the best in the sense that it helps cover unexpected medical problems or conditions encountered. This Liberty hospital plan option also includes generous cover and it covers any private hospital the member would prefer.

    As in the case with Discovery Health, the Liberty hospital plan also has the possibility of Liberty medical gap cover. Discovery and Liberty Health recommend this gap cover, to help pay for the differences between what the medical scheme covers and the tariffs of the specialists. This aspect certainly makes the Liberty hospital plan one of the top plans to take out as a member. Get LiIberty hospital plan quotes now.

    All info was correct at time of publishing